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Here is Glenn Beck’s take on Madman Hitler wanna be!

The real message spoken today at the UN:

Madman in a little body with a big mouth

Iranian president Mamoud Ahmadinjad preached today at the United Nations bloviating about wanting to effectuate truth, justice, harmony and interestingly, monotheism to this world. His sermon focused on two fundamental points:

* Iran’s sovereign right to build nukes and
* The arrogant Ones need to convert to Islam or face death

Yes, this is what he said in his Yasser Arafat sort of way. Remember Yasser who died of AIDS? Arafat would speak and the world would stop in their tracks and listen, but what were they hearing? The closet gay Arafat would speak in postmodern Arabic which meant something totally different in English. The Qur’an (roll your tongue when you say Qur’an), gives them permission to lie and deceive to achieve the desired results which is ultimate conquest–true imperialism from their book of love.


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