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Don’t call this jihadi child abuse! You may be called a bigot!

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by Robert Spencer and Phyllis Chesler


• A Muslim man in Iran cut off his 7-year-old daughter’s head
because he suspected she had been raped by her uncle?1
• Many little Muslim girls have their genitals cut out – without
anesthesia – in order to destroy their sexuality and
make them “pure”? 2
• Daughter and wife beating are routine in the Muslim world.
Over 90 percent of Pakistani wives, for instance, have been
struck, beaten, or abused sexually – for offenses like cooking
an unsatisfactory meal, or for failing to give birth to a male
• In Iran the legal age for marriage is nine years old, and in
an Afghan refugee camp virtually all the girls over second
grade were married?4
• Women who are raped in Muslim countries often end up
being punished while the rapist gets off free?5
• All a man has to do to divorce his wife is say, “I divorce
you” three times – and then she is a single woman without
support and without her children, who are usually taken by
the father?6

These facts show that the war we’re fighting isn’t just about
bombs and hijacked airliners. It’s also about the oppression of
women — often in horrific ways. Nor is this oppression an incidental
byproduct of terrorism. The Islamic law – Sharia – that
terrorists are fighting to impose upon the world mandates institutionalized
discrimination against women.


Weak men enslave women  to ensure control!  (more…)

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November 5, 2007
by Jerry Gordon

hillary-clintonthumbnail.jpgRead this WorldNetDaily Exclusive report and you’ll wonder how deeply Islamist front men in the US acting as conduits for Saudi terror financiers, Palestinian terror groups and the Muslim Brotherhood have penetrated the campaign coffers of Presidential hopefuls like Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY). While this WND report focuses on Clinton, doubtless we’ll see more reports surface about other leading candidates, both Democratic and GOP, who have taken funds from Muslim groups with shadowy connections to fountains of terror cash abroad and charities here in the U.S. Senator Clinton as the so-called front runner among democrats has had a spotlight thrown on her Federal Campaign finance reports for good reason-given the $850,000 given by American Chinese fraudster, Hsu. So she has become a lightening rod for investigation of her campaign finance war chest.

Candidates for the highest office in the land are none too scrupulous about getting money into their war chests for the billions to be spent on massive media campaigns during primaries and next year’s Presidential, Congressional elections.

Besides returning tainted money from Political Islamists front groups and terror conduits here in the US, political campaigns ought to be subject to penalties by the Federal Elections Commission for not doing due diligence so that the funds they receive don’t come with unsuspecting and dangerously tainted sources. But in the 2008 Presidential race, so far, none of this has sunk in.


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