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One of the finest pieces I have ever read from one who truly understands what we are up against.

Amil Imani * Freedom of Iran

This is an urgent call to all free people to rise and defeat the Islamic Jihadists who are marching under the banner of the Qur’an to subdue all non-Muslims.

It is imperative that the values and the way of life of civilized people be protected against the assault of Jihadists’ savagery born from a primitive culture of long ago Arabia. There is nothing to negotiate here. Nothing to compromise, for the Jihadists are on a non-negotiable campaign of Allah. The goal of this mission from Allah is the eradication of just about everything that falls under the rubric of human rights.

It takes every free human to do his or her share in defeating Jihadism. Below is a partial list of what can be done.


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By Thomas Landen

Created 2008-01-25 10:32

Holland is a country of political, religious and cultural fervour. The Dutch are a nation of puritans, attracted to the ‘purity’ of extremisms. In the first half of the last century the country was the most prudish; in the second half of the century it took hedonistic secularism to its furthest limits. The Dutch live below sea level but they prefer to walk on the edge of an abyss.

In the 1970s there was not a country in Europe where the hatred for traditional Western values was as outspoken, where the praises of multiculturalism were sung as loudly, where the doors to immigration were swung open as widely as in the Netherlands. During the Reagan years, Dutch anti-Americanism and appeasement policies towards the Soviets were so extreme that an American pundit devised a name for it: “Hollanditis.”

Hollanditis is a Dutch state of mind. Everything that is extreme exists in Holland; what is not extreme does not get noticed.

Theo van Gogh was a typical Dutchman. In voicing his opinions, he could not be crass enough. He called Christians “pimps,” said that “Jewish diabetics made the crematoriums smell of caramel” and that Muslims worship “a pig called Allah.” Van Gogh fell into the abyss. The Christians shrugged and the Jews sued, but the Muslims slit his throat.


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hat tip to smokey1977 and he sez:

Another fine example of the “PEACEFUL” religion of Islam. But is it a real religion or just an old cult? I often hear “Islam is peaceful” but I ask you, if this is true, why body bombs and beheadings? Until the so-called “moderates” stand up against those who kill in the name Allah, they will all remain in the same donkey cart as far as I am concerned.

THE HAGUE (AP): A far-right Dutch lawmaker’s anti-Quran film will likely not be broadcast until March, he said in an interview published Saturday.

Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party that holds nine of Parliament’s 150 seats, told De Telegraaf that the film would be ready two months later than he originally announced last year.

The paper said that Wilders sent it the 10-minute film’s opening scene to prove he is making it. Delays in airing the film had led to media speculation that it may have been a hoax.

According to the Telegraaf, the shot shows the cover of a Quran and the text “Warning, this book contains shocking images.”

Wilders’ plan to make the film has already prompted the government to alert Dutch cities to prepare for possible violent reactions and warn embassies in Islamic countries.

“There are concerns here and abroad that the film could be offensive and could lead to reactions that endanger public order, security and the economy,” Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende said last week. “The government is preparing for possible reactions to the film here and overseas.”

Wilders’ planned film is reminiscent of the film “Submission” _ a fictional study of abused Muslim women with scenes of near-naked women with Quranic texts engraved on their flesh.

“Submission” director Theo van Gogh was killed by a Muslim extremist who shot him and slit his throat on an Amsterdam street in 2004. Prominent Muslim critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who wrote the screenplay, was threatened in a note left on Van Gogh’s body. She now lives in the United States, guarded day and night.

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