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Afghani journalism student Parwiz Kambakhsh is being sentenced to death for blaspheming because he not only downloaded articles regarding woman’s right’s under Islam, but also exposing the brutality against women and children by local the warlords in his community. He is being sentenced to death for “disseminating defamatory comments about Islam.”

Sounds like another mo-ham-med teddy bear problem to me!

A three judge panel decided that his articles were blasphemous and sentenced him to die. That’s Shari’ah Law for you. The issue for this writer is the Islamic concept of blasphemy.Blasphemy is an act describing an indignity offered to YHVH by denying that which is due Him or attributing to him which is not agreeable to his nature.

This is key because under Shari’ah Law abusing women and children and let’s not forget the indignities offered to men as well is quite the nature of their moon god allah! So why be upset when a Muslim points that out? Basically, under Islam any number of random individuals get to decide what is blasphemous and what is not blasphemous. No one ever knows. This is the dangers of an Islamic political and religious regime that Muslims want to institute here in America.

Under American culture,  laws are strictly defined and if laws are not strictly defined they are thrown out as vague and unenforceable. Under Shari’ah Law, laws are arbitrary and subjective. These are the same dangers found in postmodernism as well.  What one community enforces is different in other community. One denomination of Islam practices certain parts of western style Shari’ah law while other sects deny them. These are the same dangers found in postmodernism as well.

Americans need to understand that there are cities that are ever increasingly turning into communities with their own sets of rules. More and more young Muslim women are being murdered because they wore pink, or listened to rock music, or had a crush on the boy next door. These are all very American characteristics and expected from our teen population.  Is this what you want for your America? Do we, as Americans, want to lose our tradition of freedom and liberty to think and believe according to our conscience?

This is what America is and we have an enemy possessed with the satanic drive to take that away from us.True religion is applying the golden rule and treating others as you would wish to be treated. Simple. Not harsh and judgmental, but rational and sane and not arbitrary, FULL of mercy and good will. Justice is blind and must be tempered with mercy, but under Islam the so called religion of “peace” justice is murderous, arbitrary, wrathful, lacking all mercy and sound judgment, and according to this definition such practices do not constitute a true religion, but a violent cult based on fear bent on destroying human life.

Islam is truly Satan’s “religion.”

True religion is honoring the true God of unconditional love and mercy who forgives the iniquities of all humanity not expecting anything in return except to give and receive that forgiveness. Islam, however, is the cult of death, destruction, wrath and vengeance and doesn’t deserve equal consideration with true religions.Any Muslim that practices true religion according to the above definition will denounce Shari’ah Law immediately as a cultic, evil, and barbaric practice! We welcome with, open arms, such muslims!

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