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This is my first entry on this blog. In fact, this is my first entry on any blog. I have spent countless hours reading what others have written on the many blogs that address the growing Islamic threat to this nation,  and the world as a whole. I have devoured several books on the subject, engaged my friends in discussions when I could, and suffered them to listen to all my diatribes on the subject. I noticed something, a blank stare.

They don’t get it. They really don’t want to hear it, it’s too heavy, it’s too menacing, they just want to do nothing and wait until it passes. Multiply this times a few million and I’m afraid you have the American populace at large. This is frightening to say the least.

Until we, who understand the threat to America,  can convince the rest of America to pull their heads from the sand,  we will talk, talk,  and talk until it’s too late. What we need to do is provoke the masses into action. We must stop preaching to the choir ( ourselves ) and start preaching to the people who need to hear the truth.

Most blogs I visit feel like a grand debating society, pompous, lofty and steeped in the arts of academia and debate. All this is noble, but it does nothing for the poor uninformed citizen who never reads blognausea.com. It’s waaaaay past time to start putting the efforts where the rubber meets the road. We are at war, the population is fast asleep in spite of 9/11, and the clock is ticking.

I challenge you to push away from your keyboards for a few hours each week. Find like minded people and get something started, anything! Have you written your congressmen and senators? Have you encouraged others to do the same? Are you getting engaged on the local level? Do you know where Islamists live in your neighborhood? Are you attending gatherings that are trying to promote Muslim awareness and sympathies? Are you able to contribute to fundraising activities that will resist Islamic encroachment? Do you loan your once read books about Islam to your family and friends or are they merely some kind of trophy in your bookcase?

Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan walk around in a uniform that instantly declares them as targets in a war zone where bullets and bombs are everywhere . Ask the average American to wear an anti Islamic t-shirt,  or display an anti Islamic bumper sticker, you’ll see fear and cowardice. The fear is what we need to address, and change. Too many bloggers are merely paper tigers, roaring at each other, safe behind their monitors, laughing at the enemy, out of reach. Again, I challenge you all to stand up, roll your sleeves up and get in the trenches!

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This is an extended interview with Geert Wilders, the Dutch Parliament Member who has been protected by armed security for more than 3 years. He talks about his upcoming anti-Qur’an film. Is that a yellow streak running down your back Greg Palkot?

All western politicians take notice. Geert Wilders is a real man. This is what real men do when their culture is threatened, when wives and daughters and sons are threatened, when film-makers are assassinated in broad daylight on city streets. They have the courage to stand up to the enemy and with clear language tell it like it is so that there will be no misunderstanding. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where the evil is coming from. I pray that the Lord will watch over this man so that he will finish his important work.

Watch the interview here.

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