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If I had to rate the two things that make us most vulnerable to jihadists (who already live with us; joyful to Allah that we don’t pay much attention to them) they would be:

  1. Ignorance of the severity of the Islamic threat and (related to that)
  2. Apathy about the Islamic threat

Ignorance of the severity of the Islamic threat. There are several levels of ignorance. The first is misinformation about the nature of Islam. My perception is that currently most people in the US have bought into the idea that Islam is a “religion of peace.” If you get nothing else, get this: That is a construct of western appeasement thinking. Islam doesn’t claim that for itself. The more closely Islam’s adherents get to the Koran, Mohammed and the Hadiths, the more they become convinced of the words of Mohammed to “fight them until all opposition ends and all submit to Allah” (Qur’an 8:39) In essence, the more “truly Muslim” you are, the more insidious your thinking becomes about non-Muslims in your proximity. I am convinced that the reason the mainstream media is able to find “moderate” Muslims to put on camera is the same reason you can find “Christian” percentages of out-of-wedlock births being the same as the general population. Moderates in both religions just don’t care as much about the central tenets of their faith, and therefore do not represent the core. The more you investigate how closely a Christian family follows Jesus, reads the bible, and prays regularly, the more you’ll find those families have much lower out-of-wedlock birth rates than the general population. Likewise, the closer a Muslim gets to the Koran, Mohammed, and the Hadiths, the more radical they become about converting or eliminating us Kafirs.

The second round of ignorance comes in the form of not recognizing that, worldwide, nearly all Muslims consider themselves to constantly be engaged in a war of defense. That is how they justify all terror acts against non-Muslims; directly or indirectly, they believe the Western world are aggressors against them, they are merely acting in defense of Islam. Imams in Palestine, on Al-Jazeera, and Mosques worldwide constantly preach that the “Great Satan” in the form of our Western values – or rather lack thereof – are infiltrating the Islamic way of life. They may be right, but Muslims largely love the way of freedom, if they have a choice (and they usually don’t). True, some Westerners use their freedom to indulge in sin, but Muslims are constantly told that America has a hidden agenda to wipe out Islam. They run TV ads showing an evil monster of an America spreading its greasy red, white, and blue fingers across the globe. (see www.obsessionthemovie.com or www.memritv.org for more). Moderate Muslims, even barely Muslims, feel edginess from the threat of the dar al-Harb (literally: “house of war,” a term for non-Muslims). Every devout Muslim has heard this lie from birth, hundreds of thousands of times. It is very easy to recruit Muslims – from every walk of life – who are willing to sacrifice everything against a perceived enemy that they feel has already infected them severely. Hey, honor killings for disgracing Islam are up, especially in Texas! (see http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=24329 ). Even conservatively speaking, there are millions of hair triggers out there, and all some imam in some mosque (anywhere in the world) needs to do is pull that trigger.

The third round of ignorance is not seeing the magnitude of the Islamic threat. I have read that only 20% of Islam’s adherents are “radical.” Even if that is so, then that means there are more than two hundred million people who would enjoy seeing you submit to Islam by any means. Or they will rejoice over your death, which means one more of the Great Satan’s spawn has been snuffed out. The declining birth rate in European countries, Japan and China, and the increasing birth rate in Islamic communities everywhere means that two hundred million is not going down, it is going up. Committed followers of Islam are out pacing our next generation of freedom loving people very quickly. Western and European countries are already bowing down to Muslim demands. Muslim cab drivers in Detroit are refusing to drive anyone that smells like alcohol – indeed those who probably most need a ride – because Allah does not permit alcohol. In France, restaurants in communities with a large Muslim population have removed pork from the menus. Non-Muslim women in those communities frequently wear the veil to avoid being beaten. In Britain, police can no longer say “Islamic Terrorist” in describing Muslim terrorists, instead omitting religious references and using “violent terrorist” instead. (I’m still looking for the “non-violent terrorists”). Western cultures are already doing whatever Muslims tell them to do! And the more liberal of us westerners love to do it in the name of tolerance; we love to hand them their victory with a smile on our face and a smug, warm feeling in our hearts. Every day through their overtaking population and gradual imposition of Islamic laws, they are getting closer to their goal of worldwide Islamic domination.

Islam means “submit.” But I digress. Here’s one last crazy example of those who don’t get the magnitude of the Islamic threat: On February 5, 2008 a news item from the UK’s “The Independent” stated that Britain will be building the Taliban a training camp in Afghanistan! Read that one more time. The idea is that the British will get them to come over to their side! How nice of the British! I’m sure that Taliban leaders will see how nice Britain is being in helping them prepare for Jihad that they will forsake their head chopping, Jew killing, Allah honoring ways. Yet I have hope. About 60 years ago, the start of the modern Jihadist movement, Sayyid Qutb said, of all the social and political ill’s he saw, “Islam is the answer.” It is not. Truth is the answer, and it’s finally getting out there. The way the jihadist weeds will wither is when a heavy dose of truth is liberally spread everywhere. The only reason for apathy is that people either a) don’t have a reason to live in the first place, or b) don’t get it. That’s why I’m here. That’s why ACT, JihadWatch, and numerous other champions of truth exist. We are the “Paul Revere” of our day. Now that Islam’s Jihadists have come by land and sea, will we splash water on our face, arm ourselves with Truth, and stand up to them? You’ve got the fertilizer of truth upon which freedom grows. Use both hands to start spreading it around.

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