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We are asking all bloggers who are pro-Free Speech and refuse to be intimidated by Islamists to post this video on their blogs!

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Netherlands politician Geert Wilders is already in hot water for a 10 minute anti-Koran, anti-Islamo-fascism video that he hasn’t even released yet.

Ersin Kiris has released (supposedly humorous) “anti-Geert-Wilders” videos on the web, once again preaching tolerance of the million or so Muslims in The Netherlands. He says,

 It’s really painful to see; people really believe this. They really believe the Muslims are here to conquer Holland and put the sharia in place of democracy, and are aggressive and are fascist and it’s really hard to feel home at one place if people believe in these fairy tales. Humor is the best way to cope with frustrations and problems.

Well, Kiris, you’ll be laughing your way into bondage, because Wilders is dead on correct about the intentions of Islam. It’s not really a creeping conspiracy of all of them, it’s more like “claymation” orchestrated by the few.

 Here in the US, if you ask just about any Muslim if they would like to see Islam dominate the US (or The Netherlands, or any other government), they’ll wholeheartedly agree. After all, I’m sure every Muslim thinks Islam is best. While the overwhelming majority of (moderate?) Muslims are just trying to live their lives, raise a family, and get along as best they can, they still agree with the Islamic idea of submission of all governments worldwide and all their peoples to Islam. So the 80% of these “moderate” Muslims are doing nothing to stop the terrorists, because, after all, in most countries, leaders bow just a little bit more to Islam every time a bomb goes off. It puts a smile on Allah’s face.

 Well, Wilders has finally said, “enough,” And I agree.

 We shouldn’t condone the wholesale slaughter of Muslims, because indeed, most are just trying to make a living. But we must get around the ridiculous notion that if we were just nicer to Muslims and made the accommodations that the more devout of them are asking for, then they’ll stop bombing, beheading, and any other method of killing infidels. The moderates go along with the moves of the truly devout. Each bomb brings them one step closer to blessed Islamic rule.

 Kiris is probably correct that there is no “mass movement” among most Muslims to take over, but those 800,000 Muslims in the Netherlands are like a big ball of clay that the truly devout Muslims (and imams in nearly every mosque) use to roll around the country until Holland behaves more like the cowering, subjugated mess that the Koran, the Hadiths, and Sharia dictate (check the Taliban rule of Afghanistan: still an unbelievable mess). They clay, by the way, doesn’t mind being pushed around and molded into whatever the “radicals” dictate. After all, it is Allah’s will. “Inshallah.” Islam is a way of life. They don’t get to think; they should only obey. Who are they to question the imams, Allah’s messengers?

I’m not afraid of the clay. I’m most certainly mindful of the fully devoted Koran-toting “freedom go to hell” claymation directors. You should be too.

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 Muslims don’t Run the West

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Essentially what they are saying here is that if we don’t shut up they are going to start a war. This is their standard operating procedure. If we can’t speak frankly, we can’t inform our fellow Americans to the threat. Free speech is our most important weapon and they know it!
DAKAR (AFP) – The world’s Muslim countries warned Wednesday that an “alarming” rise in anti-Islamic insults and attacks in the West has become a threat to international security.
The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) called on Europe and America to take stronger measures against ‘Islamophobia’ in a report prepared for a summit of the group’s 57 members in Dakar on Thursday and Friday.

The report by a special OIC monitoring group said the organisation was struggling to get the West to understand that Islamophobia “has dangerous implications on global peace and security” and to convince western powers to do more.

Islamic leaders have long warned that perceptions linking Muslims to terrorism, especially since the September 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda attacks on the United States, would make Muslims more radical.
What these impotent little men in the dirty long shirts fail to understand is that freedom of speech and thought is the very basis of our Culture. It is the catalyst for our innovation and prosperity. Without innovation and prosperity there would be no technology. Without technology, the oil would still be deep under the OIC with no way to reach the surface. Without that oil all you little impotent men in the dirty long shirts would have nothing.

Islamophobe? Hardly, because there is nothing that you can do to frighten me. I will stop talking when I am dead.

And this is the spirit that is America.

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 The following is from Craig Winn’s site “The Prophet of Doom”.  If you have questions about Islamic scripture and the life of Muhammad you will want to spend a lot of time at this web site. He is risking his life every day to put the truth on your table.  Here is an example of some of his fan mail from appreciative Muslims.

The spirit behind a religion can be determined by the the spirit’s scriptures and by the behavior of those who are possessed by it. Such is the curse of Islam. Confronted with the most comprehensive and best-documented contextual and chronological presentation of Muhammad’s Own Words as they are recorded in the Qur’an and Hadith, “Jealous Muslims” respond by revealing the nature and the agenda of the spirit who inspires them. They are compelled to suppress truth at all costs and to murder all those who do not surrender and submit. Until we as a nation come to understand that Allah is Satan, that Muhammad was a sexual pervert and genocidal mass murderer, that the Qur’an is a declaration of war on all mankind, and that the Islamic Hadith is a terrorist manifesto, Jealous Muslims will do more than threaten me, blow themselves up killing their own, and crash planes into our buildings. They will destroy America by detonating nuclear bombs in our largest cities.

Let this letter serve as a wake-up call. Your life and that of your children, the very survival or your nation, depends upon whether you are willing to read Prophet of Doom and respond rationally based upon the evidence or ignore it. I have willingly risked my life for you to know the truth. But as with eternal salvation, the choice of whether to benefit from this temporal gift is yours alone. Choose wisely–everything you hold dear is riding on it.

In Yahweh’s Name,
Craig Winn The Prophet of Doom

(Note: Originating email address has been edited to prevent Muslims from contacting the Jealous Muslim Group and working together.)

Craig Winn winn you ignorant & lier authour…how dare you write that false book???

you will regret for all what u said about Islam & the last messenger of god the master of the mankind…

***So you have to choose one from two options:

1)To take your book (Prophet of Doom : Islam’s Terrorist Dogma in Muhammad’s Own Words) out of circulation & to close your website & to apologize officialy for the prophet Muhammad peace upon him & for islam..

2)Or you will be killed suddenly & in an unexpected way (we know where do you live)

***Imprtant Notice: *This is a SERIOUS message proceeded from THE JEALOUS MUSLIM GROUP. *You have only 6 days(from 4.jan to 10.jan 2005) to choose the first option or we will consider you chosen the second option & then you just have to get ready for a kill at every moment…

*If you choose the first option you must send us an email to inform us about the details of stopping the book & your apologize.

*You may send us any email during the 6 days.


To see more letters of appreciation go here

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