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Essentially what they are saying here is that if we don’t shut up they are going to start a war. This is their standard operating procedure. If we can’t speak frankly, we can’t inform our fellow Americans to the threat. Free speech is our most important weapon and they know it!
DAKAR (AFP) – The world’s Muslim countries warned Wednesday that an “alarming” rise in anti-Islamic insults and attacks in the West has become a threat to international security.
The Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) called on Europe and America to take stronger measures against ‘Islamophobia’ in a report prepared for a summit of the group’s 57 members in Dakar on Thursday and Friday.

The report by a special OIC monitoring group said the organisation was struggling to get the West to understand that Islamophobia “has dangerous implications on global peace and security” and to convince western powers to do more.

Islamic leaders have long warned that perceptions linking Muslims to terrorism, especially since the September 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda attacks on the United States, would make Muslims more radical.
What these impotent little men in the dirty long shirts fail to understand is that freedom of speech and thought is the very basis of our Culture. It is the catalyst for our innovation and prosperity. Without innovation and prosperity there would be no technology. Without technology, the oil would still be deep under the OIC with no way to reach the surface. Without that oil all you little impotent men in the dirty long shirts would have nothing.

Islamophobe? Hardly, because there is nothing that you can do to frighten me. I will stop talking when I am dead.

And this is the spirit that is America.

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