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Start Making Sense II

“The moment people cease to be judgmental, they cease to be civil, they cease to be moral, they cease to be free. The essence of choice is being judgmental; being able to discern: having access to information and then being able to render a moral just verdict that is based on that information. In Islamic countries and in communist countries, there’s no access to information so you control people by what you tell them. But in a free society where information is ubiquitous, you either control people by getting them not to care so that they don’t investigate, or you make being judgmental a crime. And the biggest sin in political correctness is being judgmental. And so they’ve rendered a generation of Americans incapable of thinking or acting morally.” Craig Winn on Atlas Shrugged radio posted on Winn’s website 7/16/2007.


I’m ready to regularly commit the sin of “being judgmental.” In our time, where “tolerance” is worshipped above God, I’m betting that will bring out some “haters” out. Now get that logic: the only thing you can be intolerant about is intolerance. Heh heh. I think that being judgmental shows you have a brain: that you have taken in a reasonable amount of information, pondered it over with the help of God Almighty, determined what is the best course, and made a decision to stand for what you know is right.


Listen to the interview (it’s 12 megs, and may take a bit to load. 17:30 Winn talks about “ignorance and apathy.” At 21:00 you’ll find the roots of PC, and the quote above (22:04).  At 34:31 into the interview is where you’ll find the three part plan for victory over jihad, including the notion of shunning PC nonsense).


The first thing Winn pushes as necessary to not be crushed by jihad is to be able to shun PC nonsense and say, “This is wrong!” Why is this so hard for a lot of people? People who cannot pronounce wrong are not open-minded, they are idiots, because they will be crushed by the evil they don’t think exists. The devil wants more people who say, “I don’t know.” It gives him an edge. Now read along with the statements below, and notice how good it feels to say the truth.


  • It is wrong to fly airplanes into buildings full of innocents.
  • It is wrong to dance and sing in the streets celebrating the killing of thousands of innocents.
  • It is wrong to blow up innocents in a market or school.
  • It is wrong to blow up trains to prove a point and get your way (and yet it worked in Spain)
  • It is wrong to blow up busses full of innocents just trying to get somewhere.
  • It is wrong to call for the destruction of a whole nation, as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has done with Israel.
  • It is wrong to make special concessions to a religion that has proven itself to be largely destructive (“murderous” is not to judgmental a word, actually) to nonbelievers and themselves, and who’s leaders have pledged destruction of “The West.”


When something is wrong, geesh, don’t be afraid to say, “That’s wrong.” It shows you have a brain. In fact, not saying, “That’s wrong” shows you have yielded your brain to a more insidious power: the stronghold of “political correctness,” which is, by definition, a road to insanity. Sane people are able to make judgments about what is good and what is not, and you don’t need a bible for your conscience to tell you that blowing up innocent people in a marketplace is wrong. Or giving concessions to a religion who’s holy book mandates violent worldwide takeover. Say it with me, “That’s wrong!” See how good that feels?


If you are unsure about whether you can say, “that’s wrong,” that’s okay. You just need a little more enlightenment, and you can do it. Read up! Feel free to compare! Compare how many innocents Christians blow up daily versus how many are killed by the dark directives of Islam. Warning: that might produce a thought in you that one response might be better than another. You can do it! You can determine what is right and good, and spread common sense.


When co-worker, friend, or acquaintance says, “hey, the Palestinians have a point, they’re desperate, and only doing what they can,” then you say, “No! That’s wrong.” When they say, “Well, I’ve heard Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ and they deserve a right to practice that, and we should make concessions for them,” then you say, “No! That’s wrong.” When you hear people say, “Iran deserves has as much rights to nuclear technology as anyone on the planet,” then you say, “No! That’s wrong.” It is good to not let “wrong” flourish; that only destroys us.


It just makes sense to get information, and make a decision for good. And there is good. All actions are not equal. All ideas are not equal. All religions are not equal.


He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. – Ecclesiastes 3:11


Yet, you can fathom some of what God is doing. And as you partner with him in choosing good, you make things beautiful in your time.


You know it in your heart. You just need to discover good, choose good, and make a stand (verbally) for good, everywhere you go.




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