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 Yes, we have enemies. No we didn’t create them. Yes, they want to kill us, and their resolve is hotter than ever. No, no one seems to be taking much notice; after all, the new season of “American Idol” is just around the corner. Yes, they will surprise you with deadly results unless we all say, “No. You will NOT.” Here are the differences in black and white:


                 US:      When a bomb goes off, we mustn’t be judgmental; we must remove the word “Islamic,” “jihadist” or “terrorist” from the Muslim that perpetrated the act, because that might offend someone. (PS: the bombing itself is not offensive, we must try to understand them).

Our enemies:      When a bomb goes off, celebratory chants of “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is great”) and “death to the Great Satan” are repeatedly blasted on Al-jazeera (Arabic TV), and who cares what the rest of the world thinks! Oh, and check their postings on YouTube! Listen for “Allahu Akbar.” How about a YouTube montage!


                 US:      (Obama says) we should “talk with the mullahs.”  And what would they talk about, because there’s been…

Our enemies:      Over three decades glorifying martyrdom warfare, with “Death to America,” and “Death to Israel!” Their resolve is undeterred by anything we would say, except to give a nod to say, “Islam is peace.”


                 US:      (Michael Moore) “There is no Islamic threat.”

Our enemies:      (Osama) “What we visited on Russia, we will visit on the US 1,000 times over!”


                 US:      Mainstream media refuses to report the facts: not only has the surge done it’s job, but the Iraqi army appears to be ready to police the most dangerous areas of their own country, and Iraq is the most stable it has ever been since Saddam was removed.

Our enemies:      Al-jazeera continuously reports anything that will fire up hatred and recruit more suicide terrorists, no matter what the facts are.


                 US:      Value life, and every US soldier’s death is mourned.

Our enemies:      Value death, and every “martyr’s” death is celebrated.


                 US:      Can’t wait until “American Idol” comes on, and have no idea people they don’t have a clue about are plotting to kill them, just because they are not Islamic

Our enemies:      Outlaw TV wherever Islamic “sharia” law is allowed to dominate, and show “hate the West” videos wherever sharia doesn’t dominate.


                 US:      Basically impatient (we want this war over now, just like on TV).

Our enemies:      Has the long term constantly in vision; the Koran mandates converting, subjugating, or killing infidels. They intend to bring down the west by all means possible, no matter how long it takes.


                 US:      Basically lazy when it comes to addressing “jihad.”

Our enemies:      Totally zealous when it comes to addressing “jihad.”


                 US:      Mostly ignorant about history and world affairs; why do these people hate us so much?

Our enemies:      The sum of their worldview? Propaganda they’ve received since birth tells them we’re the great Satan and they must kill us before we infect them and / or take over.


                 US:      Our newspapers – God bless free speech – blast stories of how evil America is, and how we brought terrorism on ourselves, and we deserve it.

Our enemies:      Never allow their papers to say anything bad against Islam. Daily they state that we (or the Jews) are the cause of everything bad in the world, and they also state how the US brought terrorism on ourselves (because we wont become Islamic).


                 US:      We want to survive, thrive, and live a better life.

Our enemies:      They don’t care if they survive, and they hope they take as many of us with us as they can when they go.


                 US:      (Ironically) self loathing; we must have done something to bring this on ourselves. We don’t deserve all we have.

Our enemies:      Self exalting. If his followers are doing it in the name of Islam, or following the example of Mohammed, it must be right. Allah can do no wrong.


Well there you have it. Of course, not everyone believes or behaves as all the “US” examples above; some people do have a brain. If you have read this far, you’re probably one of them. If you truly DO want to stop the coming jihad against you, there are great resources here and here. In a nutshell, 1) stop the PC nonsense that all cultures are equal, because right now an inferior one has a strong desire to wipe you out.  2) Tell the truth about Islam; it is dangerous. 3) Encourage US oil independence, either by alternate sources (check out the CAT car, not available in the US), or by US oil drilling; this is how they fund jihad against you: with your money.


May God bless and guide you in what you do with this information.

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