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“Sleeper cells” sure sound like a “scare tactic.” But they are real. Every one of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers was in a “sleeper cell” here in the United States until they were awakened and activated. John Ashcroft, attorney general at the time, said it is highly likely that the 19 hijackers had a support network here in the US. Locally, you just haven’t seen it yet. Really, you very well might have seen something, but you didn’t see it. Sure, not all your Muslim neighbors gathering Friday at your local mosque (28 mosques in Puget Sound) are plotting against you, but some of them are.


Ahmed Ressam

Ahmed Ressam


One Islamic suicide bomber can ruin your whole day. Just one. How about Amed Ressam (above) the would-be terrorist caught in Port Angeles on his way to blow up LAX? Take a look at him. He’s decided he wants to represent himself in his December 3rd resentencing; He says he doesn’t trust his lawyers. I don’t blame him; They all work for The Great Satan. He’s not taking any calls either.


Since it only takes one Islamic suicide bomber passing through or “awakening” from his “sleep” to wreck our precious freedom, and since there are millions of citizens wandering everywhere everyday, there are plenty of freedom-loving eyes to catch the bad guys.


Daniel Pipes’ book Militant Islam Reaches America has a chapter called “Catching Some Sleepers.” (Click to read). The bullet points in the chapter under the heading “Recognizing Sleepers” is a must read for you to be fully aware. King County Library System doesn’t have the book, but the Seattle Library does. You can buy the whole book (in paperback now) here.


Sleepers by their very nature blend in to American society more than more traditional Muslims. They will likely wear western clothing, shave their beard (see Ressam), marry non-Muslims, and build a family as cover. Their devotion to Islam is inconspicuous, they may only pray in private, and they may not attend a mosque. They are not (outwardly) rabid pit bulls for Allah; they are placid wonderful, helpful neighbors and co-workers. But subtle actions speak louder than words; some things they end up doing prior to fulfilling their assignment are the giveaways.


Among the pertinent points include travel to hard-core Islamic countries, or they have unexplained absences, or absences for a vague religious reason. If they attempt to work in sensitive areas, or seem to be increasing any sort of training (physical, studying technical manuals or collecting information), or purchase items of suspicion (chemicals, odd tools, chemical suits, or bomb making materials). Beware of spoken words that indicate disdain for the West, or non-Muslim treatment of Muslims (anywhere), support for militant Islamic groups, or a hope that Islamic law will dominate. And lastly if you see problems stemming from identity: can’t find their passport, or (use your gut here) a story that does not ring true. Read Pipes’ entire chapter and get all the vital details.


Locally there are some specifics that average citizens like you can do:


  • We live with two very large ports of entry: the Port of Seattle, and SeaTac Airport. If you work within either of these facilities in any capacity, keep your eyes and ears alert to the signs of sleepers awakening.
  • Boeing and other firms that have private or classified government contracts are another area where US security can be compromised. If you have a job there, keep aware.
  • Protect our resources: Water pipelines, towers, and reservoirs could be potential sources for a chemical or biological attack. Gas pipelines could also be a target. If you are in the vicinity of any of these – jogging, driving, or whatever – it might pay off greatly to be scanning for suspicious behavior.
  • Food manufacturing and distribution centers could also be a source of chemical or biological attacks. Remember the Tylenol scare from years gone by? The Safeway bakery in Bellevue comes to mind, or heaven forbid that botulism toxins get into our precious Starbucks premium blend, If you work in one of these operations, or have an occasion to be near one, be aware of the bullet points from Pipes’ article.
  • Transportation centers can also be a target. Why not the Seattle bus tunnel? Remember the London subway bombing? The thwarted NYC tunnel bombing? Buses have been a favorite target in many countries. If you are just waiting your turn, please look up from your newspaper and make sure there are no suspicious people gingerly handling a backpack with a one-way ticket to hell inside. One phone call could save hundreds of lives, and would be priceless in protecting our liberties.
  • Fuel centers / fuel trucks. They can create a huge amount of damage quickly. An unauthorized driver, or fuel trucks driving where you wouldn’t expect them (city centers) are suspect and should reported.
  • Communication centers may not be a place where they can kill a lot of people, but they can certainly create (or increase) terror and confusion through disruption of service.
  • Power centers. Dams, major transmission lines, and transformers could all be targets. In the event of a coordinated attack (with more than one target at the same time), successful destruction of these (and communication centers) could exacerbate the problems and exponentially increase the panic that terrorist seek to induce.
  • Places where people congregate: the Pike market or Westlake center, sports arenas    don’t just tune in to the scores, keep your eyes and ears turned on to those around you as well.
  • If you speak Arabic, how wonderful. Common practice is to preach “peace and tolerance” in English outside the mosque, and then preach, “isolation from unbelievers and disdain for all that is not Islam” in Arabic inside the mosque. If you know this is happening, or hear of plans attack westerners in any form, someone needs to hear about it. And I suspect you could contact the moderator here on the ACTSeattle site to share your account with others.


Locally, it includes doing what the man in a convenience store in Bremerton did when he heard two men talking about a terrorist threat against a Bremerton ferry: he reported it. When you see something suspicious wherever you are, make the call. If possible, take pictures or video (with camera / video phones being so handy these days) to discreetly get evidence. But hopefully evidence is not needed after the fact. Hopefully – with all of our eyes open – we’ll stop evil before it happens. If you call in sincerity to 911 and explain what you have seen or heard, what is the worst that could happen? You get embarrassed by making a mistake? The authorities ask you some questions? Really, the worst that could happen comes when you don’t report it.


Most of all, use your brain, go with your gut, and “better safe than sorry.” Pipes adds at the end, “Precisely because the legitimate search for sleepers is open to abuse, it requires an unusual degree of common sense, sensitivity, and restraint.” But just the same, when you suspect something serious, you should probably report it immediately. Stay alert, and share with others the kinds things you’re looking for. If they wont read Pipes’ article, at least they’ll have the basic information through you. It is very important to spread the news about the dangers of Islam and the awareness of potential sleepers in our midst. Number 8 on “Citizen Warrior’s” list of things your average civilian can do is “Talk to your friends about jihad / study the art of influence.” It’s PC ignorance (like the ridiculous notion that Islam is on par with all faiths and is a “religion of peace”) that is killing us.


You can not depend on the government to protect you (or your neighbors or even your city). Various heads of state and generals have specifically stated that it’s not if another attack happens, but when. But…


with millions of eyes carefully watching here in Puget Sound,

we will be able to say, “not in our house.”

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Let’s start with a quote from a prominent world leader, about people that threaten peace in the world:

 “[their] spirit … spreads evil, murder, repression and despotism” 

Think for just a minute about an ideology that spreads evil, murder, repression, and despotism. Must be al-Qaeda, right? Or the Taliban, who last week blinded a couple schoolgirls with acid while they were walking to school for not having their heads covered properly, right? That’s repression (and nearly murder), isn’t it? This statement has got to be one of those inane Bushisms again, right, inflaming the world and reducing our credibility with a poorly thought out statement that wholesale condemns a “peaceful” religion, right? Certainly it was Sean Hannity who called out Islamic terrorists for what they are, right? If that’s what you thought, you are wrong on all accounts.


The quote is from Al Qaeda’s number 2 man: Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

The “evil” people mentioned are US citizens. That’s YOU.


The quote was lifted from a video Zawahiri made after Obama was elected, in which he also called Obama a “house negro.” Before the messiah has even taken office they’re already dismissing him as a “yes man” for Israel supporters. Testing is coming indeed.


This is about YOU.

Zawahiri has his sights set on YOU, and we have to be on constant guard because Islamo Fascism has not gone away,  it has only begun actually, and Osama Bin Laden has assured us that acts bigger than 9/11 are coming.


It will take every one of us, fully aware of the true nature of Islam’s strictest adherents (and the “mainstream” followers of their dictates here in this country now), to defend our country, stand up and say “no” to the subtle changes Islamists desire, and to keep watch for terrorist incidents everywhere we go. The schoolgirl thing above is the logical end of a few hundred little concessions to Islam’s demands here in the US. In the United Kingdom (in the right neighborhood) this atrocity would have been turned over the local Sharia court. Perhaps the attackers would be exonerated as justified in defending Islam from the gross transgression of being female and showing your face. We already have hints of that here. It has to stop. America’s enemies are (nearly) silently existing everywhere beside us.


Soon I will feature excerpts from Daniel Pipe’s excellent list of things us ordinary citizens can do to keep our extraordinary country safe from the evil that would annihilate us at their first chance. Sleeper cells are not totally invisible; you just need slightly more awareness. I hope to put a local spin on it that you can use to protect Puget Sound.


This stuff is tough. You’re probably weary of it. It would be nice to just have Thanksgiving dinner, or Christmas break without having to constantly guard against evil. Evil doesn’t take a holiday (although they generally slow down for Ramadan).


Ignorance is bliss. And deadly to YOU.


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