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If you do not get the ACT for America newsletter you can do so here. The cowering to Islamic intimidation that is going on NOW in England could be here in America soon. Can you picture the supreme court declaring any non-Muslim who says anything about Islam (as defined by CAIR, the Muslim Student Association, or other Islamic crusaders) is “hate speech.” Obama is busy setting terrorists free, the FBI has banned the words “terrorism” and “jihad” from their investigations, can silencing YOU be far behind?  Read this message from the newsletter, and click on the link below it to read the frightening article from the UK.

A Member of Congress announces she is inviting Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders to come to Washington to meet with members of Congress and discuss his documentary film “Fitna.”

When Congressman Abdullah hears about this, he threatens the Member and the entire Congress that, unless Mr. Wilders’ visit is cancelled, he will mobilize 10,000 Muslims to prevent the visit from taking place.

As a result, the visit is cancelled and Congressman Abdullah praises Allah for delivering a victory to the Muslim community.

Of course, this couldn’t possibly happen in the United States, right? Read the commentary below, roll the clock back thirty years, and ask yourself how many Brits do you think would have believed it could happen in Great Britain today?

What was unthinkable in Great Britain thirty years ago is reality today. This is “cultural jihad” at work.

Twenty years ago who would have believed that today Harvard would create “women only” gym hours to meet the demands of Muslims. Or a state legislature would allow an imam to open its session with a prayer that calls on “victory over those who disbelieve.”

Or the Fairfax County (Virginia) police department dropping an anti-terrorism training program after complaints from Muslim police officers – one of whom was engaging in the various types of subversion the training program was intended to prevent.

For the British Parliament to abandon its right to free speech by knuckling under to the intimidation tactics by Lord Ahmed will only invite more – and bolder – tactics. To think that we in America can follow the path Great Britain has trod and not end up dealing with the same intimidation tactics is the worst form of wishful thinking.

Lord Ahmed threatens Parliament into submission


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Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer has an EXCELLENT video of a recent speech. He talks about local attemts to subvert American laws to Sharia, and to silence any talk from non-Muslims about Islam. Currently this vidoe is not able to be linked on YouTube (or I would have it here) and I have requested that JW make it a separate link.
That’s how important this information is. This speech is RIGHT ON THE MARK, and VERY CLOSE TO HOME. All the points will be something that you can use RIGHT HERE (in the Puget Sound area) RIGHT NOW.
Please check out http://www.JihadWatch.org scroll down and take a look for yourself. Spencer’s speech runs 30 min, and then he takes Q&A.

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Useless News & World Distort had an article on how ecumenical an evangelical Christian can be. Author Dan Gilgoff suggested that Rick Warren crossed all the lines and offered the worldwide audience a big hug. The “Lords Prayer” pleased all the Christians. The Shema (“Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is One”) pleased the Jews. The phrase “you are the compassionate and merciful one” resonated with Muslims, since nearly all of the chapters (surahs) in the Qur’an start with that phrase, stating those attributes are germane to Allah.


Gilgoff interviewed Jonathan Brown, assistant professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Washington, who said,  “It’s this intense compassion and mercy you can’t find in a human being.”


Obviously, because the human beings who follow Allah (and Allah’s orders) are busy strapping bombs on themselves, praising their children for doing the same selfless act for Allah, and indiscriminately launching rockets at Jews. They’re blowing up trains, planes and automobiles with reckless abandon. And they don’t care who catches the shrapnel. Good Muslims go to heaven, kuffars get their “right place” in hell, and the increase of violence hastens the return if Islam’s “third Imam,” and ushers in the age of total worldwide Islamic domination.


Here’s Fitna. Since producer Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for making it. You might as well watch it while you can, before Islamists silence it.


Watch Fitna here.


Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer says, “This film is accurate. Will Muslims rage against the truth?” Well, they already have!


So, how come the most devout followers of Islam don’t have the same compassion and mercy that is supposedly espoused in the Qur’an?


That’s easy: Compassion and mercy are only for Muslims, silly!  In the “religion of peace“Peace” is only for Muslims! (Which isn’t really true either, because one Muslim fundamentalist hobby is killing Muslims who aren’t Muslim enough). So even the moderate – pretty much non-violent – Muslims (MINO’s) who are not avidly following the writings of Mohammed can’t catch a break.


So, either way … don’t feel the love.




This article was originally seen from the Washington State office of CAIR.  Homepage here.



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Wow, that says it all.


Pat Condell responds to the prosecution of Fitna producer and Dutch Parliament member Geert Wilders.



The most devout Muslims quote the Qur’an or shout “Allahu Akbar” as they kill unbelievers everywhere. More than 12,000 times worldwide since 9-11.  We need to be free – here in the United States  – to point out hate speech when we see it: as recorded hundreds of times in the Qur’an. And then we need to unabashedly say, “we will not tolerate one ounce of this poisonous ideology in America.”


Support Wilders here.

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Geert Wilders is the Dutch politician who produced the movie “Fitnah.” This movie used the very quotes that terrorists use form the Qur’an to support their acts, and then dovetailed that with pictures of what terrorists have actually done.

The Netherland’s court system is now prosecuting Wilders for “hate speech,” essentially claiming that the messages of death and destruction for infidels that is clearly spoken hundreds of times in the Qur’an and the Hadiths (the “traditions”) are a product of Wilders “hate” toward Muslims. Really the 15 minute movie is powerful, and it really allows “actions to speak louder than words” as it shows the actions of followers of the words in the Qur’an.

YOU can help Geert Wilders, and see the movie by clicking into the Jihad Watch site.

·         On the left side there is a link for you to see Fitna

·         On the left side there is also a link to support Geert, who will need the monetary support of freedom loving people. This is the first serious case – viewed worldwide – that will showcase how Muslims intend to silence any criticism of their insane ideology of Allah-sponsored world conquest.

This is a very tangible way to stand up for free speech, and stand against the global Jihad. A victory here will be a PR victory that reverberates around the world: we will not be silenced.

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Dear Mr. President,
I am against the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility for the following reasons:
  • First, a couple days ago you swore to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States. The benefits enjoyed by that constitution (including “rule of law,” “Miranda rights,” “habeas corpus” and all of that) are for US citizens only. Foreign terrorists, who have sworn to destroy the United States are not afforded the same rights. Military tribunals are appropriate for these prisoners.
  • Second, Islamic radicals are driven by an unstoppable single minded goal of following Allah for the conversion, submission or death of infidels. They will use every means possible, every weapon possible, and exploit every weakness to the accomplishment of this goal. Some form of non-permanent coercion is necessary to elicit information that could protect millions of US citizens. And if information cannot be gleaned, then they need a place where they can hold these non-US enemy combatants indefinitely. Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups were not finished after 9-11. Those plotting our destruction with WMD’s or other means cannot be released. Again, military detention facilities are appropriate for this.
  • Third, currently these dangerous prisoners are separated from freedom loving Americans by bars, Marines, guns, walls, barbed wire, and 100 miles of ocean. That will not be the case if you bring them over here for “trial.”
  • Fourth and lastly, closing Guantanamo Bay and treating Islamic terrorist prisoners “nice,” may play well for a few in the international community, but for the 200 million Islamic radicals out there who only understand raw power, they will see us as weak for closing Guantanamo, and they will be emboldened to exploit this weakness.
Please allow the Guantanamo Bay detention facility to perform it’s vital and unique function: protecting US citizens from terrorists.
May God guide you in your efforts as President of the United States.
If YOU would like to contact the President, it’s easy:

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In September 2002 President Bush spoke to the UN General Assembly about Saddam Hussein’s evil regime. He spoke of Saddam’s desire to wipe out his neighbors (as he had done before in his own country), and the threat that weapons of mass destruction – in the hands of a lunatic – posed on not only Israel, but to the world.

Saddam is dead. His regime has changed. There is a fledgling democracy in Iraq. But the job is not over. This threat has not stopped – and by no fault of our own – it seems to be gaining momentum. Islamic fundamentalism is a worldwide threat, and it has a two-pronged fork:

  • It uses the steamroller of political correctness to force westerners to bow down to Islamic dictates and shariah finance to crumble governments from within freedom loving (non-Islamic) countries, and
  • It uses bombs and rockets to stir up unrest everywhere else, and when countries fight back, they claim they are a “victim” of the very unrest they created.

And they don’t care. The Qur’an and the Hadiths (holy writings) dictate that Islam must be advanced at any cost.


Muslims believe the coming of the “third imam” will come at a time of great unrest (world war) and will usher in the age of Islam, where everyone will submit (which is what “Islam” means). What the west needs to know: They want World War III because it will hasten the return of the third imam and bring the world under Islam’s submission. And they don’t care who dies in the process, because good Muslims will go to paradise, and the kuffars (unbelievers) get their just rewards in hell. They don’t care who dies!

This is what drives them, and there is no current article that better underscores the worldwide pervasiveness of this oncoming menace than the one written by Ilana Freedman,


5 Minutes To Midnight,


writing in the Canada Free Press. Click the link and read it all. Your survival against the new Third Reich depends on it. In 1939, the world tried to ignore Hitler’s threat, because “no one could possibly be that evil, could they?” They can. This new Third Reich is already 13 times bigger (if you only include Muslim “fundamentalists,” estimated to be 20% of the worldwide Muslim population) and a lot of them are already here.


Get informed about this century’s grave and gathering danger. Their ideology of world conquest has a holy book that states everyone must convert, submit, or die. For it’s strict adherents, there is no other alternative. And their resolve is not deterred by even death.


What are you going to do about an enemy that doesn’t care if it dies trying to kill you?



“5 Minutes To Midnight” was originally from an Act For America e-newsletter.

Sign up on their website for more important information on the war against global jihad.


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