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In September 2002 President Bush spoke to the UN General Assembly about Saddam Hussein’s evil regime. He spoke of Saddam’s desire to wipe out his neighbors (as he had done before in his own country), and the threat that weapons of mass destruction – in the hands of a lunatic – posed on not only Israel, but to the world.

Saddam is dead. His regime has changed. There is a fledgling democracy in Iraq. But the job is not over. This threat has not stopped – and by no fault of our own – it seems to be gaining momentum. Islamic fundamentalism is a worldwide threat, and it has a two-pronged fork:

  • It uses the steamroller of political correctness to force westerners to bow down to Islamic dictates and shariah finance to crumble governments from within freedom loving (non-Islamic) countries, and
  • It uses bombs and rockets to stir up unrest everywhere else, and when countries fight back, they claim they are a “victim” of the very unrest they created.

And they don’t care. The Qur’an and the Hadiths (holy writings) dictate that Islam must be advanced at any cost.


Muslims believe the coming of the “third imam” will come at a time of great unrest (world war) and will usher in the age of Islam, where everyone will submit (which is what “Islam” means). What the west needs to know: They want World War III because it will hasten the return of the third imam and bring the world under Islam’s submission. And they don’t care who dies in the process, because good Muslims will go to paradise, and the kuffars (unbelievers) get their just rewards in hell. They don’t care who dies!

This is what drives them, and there is no current article that better underscores the worldwide pervasiveness of this oncoming menace than the one written by Ilana Freedman,


5 Minutes To Midnight,


writing in the Canada Free Press. Click the link and read it all. Your survival against the new Third Reich depends on it. In 1939, the world tried to ignore Hitler’s threat, because “no one could possibly be that evil, could they?” They can. This new Third Reich is already 13 times bigger (if you only include Muslim “fundamentalists,” estimated to be 20% of the worldwide Muslim population) and a lot of them are already here.


Get informed about this century’s grave and gathering danger. Their ideology of world conquest has a holy book that states everyone must convert, submit, or die. For it’s strict adherents, there is no other alternative. And their resolve is not deterred by even death.


What are you going to do about an enemy that doesn’t care if it dies trying to kill you?



“5 Minutes To Midnight” was originally from an Act For America e-newsletter.

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