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“Sleeper cells” sure sound like a “scare tactic.” But they are real. Every one of the nineteen 9/11 hijackers was in a “sleeper cell” here in the United States until they were awakened and activated. John Ashcroft, attorney general at the time, said it is highly likely that the 19 hijackers had a support network here in the US. Locally, you just haven’t seen it yet. Really, you very well might have seen something, but you didn’t see it. Sure, not all your Muslim neighbors gathering Friday at your local mosque (28 mosques in Puget Sound) are plotting against you, but some of them are.


Ahmed Ressam

Ahmed Ressam


One Islamic suicide bomber can ruin your whole day. Just one. How about Amed Ressam (above) the would-be terrorist caught in Port Angeles on his way to blow up LAX? Take a look at him. He’s decided he wants to represent himself in his December 3rd resentencing; He says he doesn’t trust his lawyers. I don’t blame him; They all work for The Great Satan. He’s not taking any calls either.


Since it only takes one Islamic suicide bomber passing through or “awakening” from his “sleep” to wreck our precious freedom, and since there are millions of citizens wandering everywhere everyday, there are plenty of freedom-loving eyes to catch the bad guys.


Daniel Pipes’ book Militant Islam Reaches America has a chapter called “Catching Some Sleepers.” (Click to read). The bullet points in the chapter under the heading “Recognizing Sleepers” is a must read for you to be fully aware. King County Library System doesn’t have the book, but the Seattle Library does. You can buy the whole book (in paperback now) here.


Sleepers by their very nature blend in to American society more than more traditional Muslims. They will likely wear western clothing, shave their beard (see Ressam), marry non-Muslims, and build a family as cover. Their devotion to Islam is inconspicuous, they may only pray in private, and they may not attend a mosque. They are not (outwardly) rabid pit bulls for Allah; they are placid wonderful, helpful neighbors and co-workers. But subtle actions speak louder than words; some things they end up doing prior to fulfilling their assignment are the giveaways.


Among the pertinent points include travel to hard-core Islamic countries, or they have unexplained absences, or absences for a vague religious reason. If they attempt to work in sensitive areas, or seem to be increasing any sort of training (physical, studying technical manuals or collecting information), or purchase items of suspicion (chemicals, odd tools, chemical suits, or bomb making materials). Beware of spoken words that indicate disdain for the West, or non-Muslim treatment of Muslims (anywhere), support for militant Islamic groups, or a hope that Islamic law will dominate. And lastly if you see problems stemming from identity: can’t find their passport, or (use your gut here) a story that does not ring true. Read Pipes’ entire chapter and get all the vital details.


Locally there are some specifics that average citizens like you can do:


  • We live with two very large ports of entry: the Port of Seattle, and SeaTac Airport. If you work within either of these facilities in any capacity, keep your eyes and ears alert to the signs of sleepers awakening.
  • Boeing and other firms that have private or classified government contracts are another area where US security can be compromised. If you have a job there, keep aware.
  • Protect our resources: Water pipelines, towers, and reservoirs could be potential sources for a chemical or biological attack. Gas pipelines could also be a target. If you are in the vicinity of any of these – jogging, driving, or whatever – it might pay off greatly to be scanning for suspicious behavior.
  • Food manufacturing and distribution centers could also be a source of chemical or biological attacks. Remember the Tylenol scare from years gone by? The Safeway bakery in Bellevue comes to mind, or heaven forbid that botulism toxins get into our precious Starbucks premium blend, If you work in one of these operations, or have an occasion to be near one, be aware of the bullet points from Pipes’ article.
  • Transportation centers can also be a target. Why not the Seattle bus tunnel? Remember the London subway bombing? The thwarted NYC tunnel bombing? Buses have been a favorite target in many countries. If you are just waiting your turn, please look up from your newspaper and make sure there are no suspicious people gingerly handling a backpack with a one-way ticket to hell inside. One phone call could save hundreds of lives, and would be priceless in protecting our liberties.
  • Fuel centers / fuel trucks. They can create a huge amount of damage quickly. An unauthorized driver, or fuel trucks driving where you wouldn’t expect them (city centers) are suspect and should reported.
  • Communication centers may not be a place where they can kill a lot of people, but they can certainly create (or increase) terror and confusion through disruption of service.
  • Power centers. Dams, major transmission lines, and transformers could all be targets. In the event of a coordinated attack (with more than one target at the same time), successful destruction of these (and communication centers) could exacerbate the problems and exponentially increase the panic that terrorist seek to induce.
  • Places where people congregate: the Pike market or Westlake center, sports arenas    don’t just tune in to the scores, keep your eyes and ears turned on to those around you as well.
  • If you speak Arabic, how wonderful. Common practice is to preach “peace and tolerance” in English outside the mosque, and then preach, “isolation from unbelievers and disdain for all that is not Islam” in Arabic inside the mosque. If you know this is happening, or hear of plans attack westerners in any form, someone needs to hear about it. And I suspect you could contact the moderator here on the ACTSeattle site to share your account with others.


Locally, it includes doing what the man in a convenience store in Bremerton did when he heard two men talking about a terrorist threat against a Bremerton ferry: he reported it. When you see something suspicious wherever you are, make the call. If possible, take pictures or video (with camera / video phones being so handy these days) to discreetly get evidence. But hopefully evidence is not needed after the fact. Hopefully – with all of our eyes open – we’ll stop evil before it happens. If you call in sincerity to 911 and explain what you have seen or heard, what is the worst that could happen? You get embarrassed by making a mistake? The authorities ask you some questions? Really, the worst that could happen comes when you don’t report it.


Most of all, use your brain, go with your gut, and “better safe than sorry.” Pipes adds at the end, “Precisely because the legitimate search for sleepers is open to abuse, it requires an unusual degree of common sense, sensitivity, and restraint.” But just the same, when you suspect something serious, you should probably report it immediately. Stay alert, and share with others the kinds things you’re looking for. If they wont read Pipes’ article, at least they’ll have the basic information through you. It is very important to spread the news about the dangers of Islam and the awareness of potential sleepers in our midst. Number 8 on “Citizen Warrior’s” list of things your average civilian can do is “Talk to your friends about jihad / study the art of influence.” It’s PC ignorance (like the ridiculous notion that Islam is on par with all faiths and is a “religion of peace”) that is killing us.


You can not depend on the government to protect you (or your neighbors or even your city). Various heads of state and generals have specifically stated that it’s not if another attack happens, but when. But…


with millions of eyes carefully watching here in Puget Sound,

we will be able to say, “not in our house.”

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I’ve been listening to Craig Winn lately. He just makes a lot of sense in a brain dead senseless world. You don’t have to study global politics or world religions to have your own personal “light bulb” moment while listening to him. Despite his voluminous free online book Prophet Of Doom, (available to read here) he is actually able to distill it in his interviews down to a few short points that make startling sense, and you wonder “geesh, why isn’t anyone seriously considering the valuable – civilization saving – things he is saying?”



Well, first, because the “book” is huge. I emailed him and told him I could see my friends reading a twenty page pamphlet, maybe a 70 page booklet, but not a 700 page book. Not even for free, not even online.



Yet, Winn also had some bullet points from one of the interviews, and I don’t see them specifically in Prophet of Doom, or on his webiste. Winn admitted in his interview with Tamar Yonah that it is highly unlikely that any leader in any country will have the will to step up and implement these. That’s pretty easy to believe! But get this: he says we didn’t need to spend a trillion dollars on a war in Iraq and that this war can be won on words alone, without firing a shot. Don’t you want to know how it’s done? OKAY! Here are those bullet points, paraphrased as best as I can remember them:


  • Drop the PC nonsense, and return to being able to make moral judgments. If we say that all religions and all societies are the same, the truly evil ones are going to kill the good ones. Even British atheist Pat Condell agrees; “[Islam] is not equal, it’s inferior.” In the absence of some sort of moral order, anarchy ensues, and no one is safe from anyone else. The only question is, “Which moral order are we going to choose?” It is clear we can’t choose Islam; Islam’s adherents must follow Mohammed, who taught that Islam must rule the world, and infidels (that’s you and I) must submit or be killed.  If you follow the Religion of Peace website, you’ll know the preferred method is to just skip the “submit” part. It’s just easier that way.


  • Tell the truth about Islam, that it is a violent, murderous, death-loving cult, and the closer any Muslim gets to the Koran and Mohammed, the more violent and murderous they become. Our president, Tony Blair, and other heads of state do us no long term favors by toting the “religion of peace” party line shoved down our throats by CAIR and other terrorist loving groups. These ignorant leaders only do this to create short-term political gains; the result is our bleeding is prolonged (and followers of Islam would have it no other way). The truth is in the facts. New bombings happen daily. These bombers are not aberrations of Islam, nearly all of them declare “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is great) before their mass killings of civilians. All of them proclaim that they are not destitute (one of the lies western media dishes out on why they do it). In fact they are insulted that you might think the reason they do it is for anything but Allah’s glory. All of them, in suicide videos and notes, accurately quote the Koran, Surah and verse, supporting their actions with Allah’s dictates and Mohammed’s examples. Think for a second: are all of them “freaks?” No, all of them are pinnacles of their faith. Understand this: In Islam, the only guaranteed path to heaven is martyrdom in a holy war. Since hundreds of Islamic leaders everywhere have declared war on the west, we are all fair game; to them there are no innocents!


  • Cut off Jihad funding, which is oil revenue. This might be the hardest step, and it is one area where I strongly agree with treehuggers about saving the earth, albeit for a different reason. I came to the realization recently that every time I go to the pump, I fund jihad against myself (the west). Yet the lunatic left in our country refuses to let us do what we need to for now (drill in our own backyard) so that we can be free from the chains of bondage. We are literally cash strapped to our saboteurs like strung out druggies looking for a fix. I am all for alternative fuels, but you have to admit that it will take years (this is the “rehab” portion of our healing), maybe decades to get them in the hands of every American in a useful way. HERE IS WHY THIS STEP WORKS: there has never been a successful long term Islamic society ever. The tribal / warlord system that is universal in every Islamic country only lends it self to power struggles, infighting, and an endless parade of (dis)honor killings. This step works because their religion is self destructive in the absence of power. Oil profits give them power to export jihad anywhere they want to. Without it, the vacuum Islam naturally creates will make it implode upon itself.



So there’s the big three YOU need to work on:

  1. Reclaiming biblical morality; and calling a spade a spade
  2. Unashamedly telling the truth about Islam
  3. Cutting off any oil purchases from Islamic countries



Since it is likely impossible that leaders will actually implement these things, I was especially tuned in to Winn’s ability to stay positive. Although he proclaims no hope for leadership, he has great hope in individuals (you and I). I do too. A whole bunch of straight talking, common sense people can create the same groundswell of inspiration that helped us win the first revolution some 200 years ago. I’m told it only took ten percent of the colonists to make that victory of freedom possible, and secured our liberty. But liberty must be protected, and we can do it again.



The battle, Sir, is not to the strong alone;

it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave.

– Patrick Henry



I’m going to beat these three themes like a base drum on steroids until something changes. You should too. Bring it up frequently; daily. Tell your friends, email your representatives and everyone else. Lets start shaking the walls of our apathetic, ignorant house until everyone



Starts making sense.



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 Ban the Koran as Hate Speech!  Sign Petition here!

Hat Tip to No Compromises

We are asking all bloggers who are pro-Free Speech and refuse to be intimidated by Islamists to post this video on their blogs!

Parts I & II!

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 Muslims don’t Run the West

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World War Three: the Global Jihad, is being fought from two directions

 The first direction is defensive. And this stance is needed to win.

It is necessary to combat the Jihad movement “over there,” wherever “there” is. It’s a nasty, dreadful, hideous job. And the American public – saturated with the mindset of sitcom-quick answers – is anxious to channel-flip away from Iraq. Muslims are in it for the long haul, and recent history tells them that all that is necessary to win it to keep the (relatively) small blows comin’; a bomb a day sends the US away. Currently we lack the will to defeat evil, and some of it is we don’t know how. I wonder if “the greatest generation” that brought victory in WWII would have had the support from home to beat Hitler if they had the internet and 500 channels of cable. At the time, the Allied military (the good guys) accounted for only 25% of the deaths in WWII. Allied civilians accounted for fifty eight percent; That’s over 41 million people, before the wars’ end. For a long time, peace-loving decent people let Hitler and Hirohito stomp their bloody boots everywhere they wanted (and we’re doing that now). Overwhelming civilian deaths is what it had to come to for good people to do something. More than one hundred times as many US soldiers died in WWII than have died in Iraq (both times). Yet 70 years ago we found the courage as a nation to join with other nations to beat two evil monsters.

We have a new evil monster: Islamic Jihad. And this monster is tougher, and more sinister. Tougher, because it’s not contained in neat little geographic areas. Like a cancer: it has no boundaries, and can quietly metastasize deadly tumors anywhere it chooses in our un-immunized world. The number one Saudi export is not oil; it is radical Wahhabi Islam taught in Mosques in the US and worldwide, 90% funded by the Saudis. In the name of tolerance of germs everywhere, we allow it to infect us. Despite the fever it produces, it warms us, because we can be smug about the diversity of our thinking. That kind of enlightenment is killing us. If a christian Scientist says “no” to life saving drugs and willingly dies because of it, that’s one thing. But the survival of our nation, as well as the survival of God-given human dignity is at stake. The cancer of Islam loves death; and hopefully we still have a flicker of “love or life.” We need name the disease, surgically remove it, and apply chemo to whatever’s left, so that we might live.

Islamo-fascism is more sinister because the jihad movement is not based on a political goal or an economic grievance, or even against one group of people. For Muslims it is an all-encompassing way of life. Islam is the way Muslims think about politics, social interaction, and personal behavior, and everything must conform. You can’t point out it’s failures (like communism) and let the rest stand. It is based on strict adherence to Islamic beliefs in the Koran; More correctly, the eradication of all that is not Islam, including those within Islam that are not Islamic enough. In that respect, no amount of chemo will inoculate us; we will always have to get booster shots. From Spain to Indonesia, from Turkey to Sudan, they’re setting up shop, and they’ve nearly got the former area from the “Golden Age of Islam” reconquered. With immigration and extraordinary birth rates, they are moving in and taking over. They are a large percentage in France, Great Britain, and other formerly great countries that are daily giving in to the cancer’s demands. Like WWII, are we going to wait until millions of kafir’s (unbelievers) are killed before we take action? Indeed, how will we take action when the enemy lives within us? They are not waiting to invade; they’re already in! How will we remove the cancer without destroying the body? The core idea from Jihadists that the world needs to hear is: non-believers (of Islam) will be subjugated or killed. Victory over the approaching horror requires a new strategy, a new way of fighting evil that we have never done before: to establish the supremacy of Christianity in the battle of ideas.

It is not enough to just sweep a house [or a nation] clean of evil (Matthew 12:43-45). You need to fill it with good – the Spirit of God needs to occupy the house – or it will just end up more corrupt and evil than before. So…

The second direction is offensive. And this stance is needed to win.

I believe that most Muslims would become Christians if they knew the truth about both Islam and Christianity. Christianity offers freedom. Islam is a dead end; the only assured way out is death in a holy war. That’s why they love it. The western mind cannot grasp this: they love death. Preschoolers in Arab countries sing songs about the joy of martyrdom, write poetry on the hatred of the west, and their parents are so proud. Many hope and pray Allah will allow their children to be martyred. This is not extreme; This is their norm. It’s been the standard teaching in all Islamic countries for decades. How are we going to deal with that?

It is not enough to pummel your enemies into submission in order to defeat them. In the case of Muslim radicals, they only go into temporary hiding. The good news is our enemy does think pummeling the infidel into submission is sufficient. No imam anywhere has made the case for why someone outside of Islam should choose Islam willingly; But of course they would be quick to say you must obey; Islam means “submit,” and that must come at any cost. Islam is a religion of external powers forcing compliance of religious rules amongst its adherents. For long(er) lasting peace, it is necessary to give people both a reason and a way to pursue a better way: Christianity.

Here is the reason.

If you say to a Muslim during Ramadan, “Happy Ramadan.” They will tell you that is not what it is all about. Ramadan is a time of contemplation, and consideration of how one can better submit to Allah and honor his dictates in the Koran. Allah is not to be “enjoyed,” he is to be “obeyed.” This is what a billion or so Muslims worldwide get to swallow. It is a fearful religion, and  except in the case of martyrdom, a guaranteed ticket to heaven – you must try to be good enough at obeying to be found faithful enough to enter into paradise. That is why they love martyrdom. That is why so many Muslims willingly take the heavy rules: since there is nothing inside that compels one to perform correctly, anything external might give one a better chance to get to heaven. Not to mention that anyone who questions the method will be chastised even more. I’m reminded of the saying, “The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves!” Families threaten death on their children so they might comply. So yes, beat me into submission; and I might make it to heaven.

In the battle of ideas, Islam has no footing, and Christianity has everything to stand for. This side of the battle will be won one-on-one. A Muslim who asks you questions will likely do it in secret (see the link above); and you’d better respect that secret to protect their life. Remember, God loves them.

Christianity is all about a relationship with Jesus Christ, who says, “I no longer call you servants … instead I have called you friends.” (John 15:15) I don’t know that any Muslim reading this can really comprehend that. “It was for freedom that Christ set us free. Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yolk of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1) I don’t know that any Muslim reading this can really comprehend that.  “For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons …” (Romans 8:15). I don’t know that any Muslim reading this can really comprehend that.  “Freedom.” “Friends.” “Sons.” Christianity is about revering God in a family-type relationship.

This offensive is critical in this war. Christianity offers life.

Here’s the Way.

Muslims get this: God loves you. He is not waiting for you to screw up so he can harm you. He loves you. He knows you’re tarnished, and you can’t make it into heaven without someone paying the price of that clean-up job. So He offered to do it Himself. He came down from heaven in the person of Jesus Christ, who was not tarnished in any way, and he offered to put all of your tarnish on Him (through His death and resurrection) if you will just say “yes” to this offer. There is no prescribed way to do it. You can say “yes” right now in a short heartfelt prayer. If you do that, the bible says you are “born again,” and nothing and no one will ever take that away from you. That – not martyrdom – is a blessed guaranteed ticket to heaven. God has paid it, you just take it, and then the Holy Spirit fills you with an ability to live the holy life as you listen to His promptings.

More good news, (former) Muslims: “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.” (2 Corinthians 3:17). Do not use your liberty for selfishness (Galatians 5:13), but rather use the gifts God has given you to glorify Him by helping others. And where you don’t get it right, don’t worry, because, “there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1)

The God of Love is bigger than the god of fear.

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 HatTip to No Compromises When it Comes to Being Right!

Remember Ezra Levant, the Canadian Journalist squaring off with the Canadian so called Human Rights Commission because he published a picture of mohammed in his magazine and it threw a few weak minded radicals into a demonic tail spin? Well, they sued him about two years ago, caused him to spend about 100K defending himself for using his GOD given right to speak–not allah given right.

Well, the news is that now these lame ass radicals are withdrawing their complaint against him. The fact that the Canadian government allowed themselves to be used in a dry run to see how far they can be used to take away people’s right to free expression just shows you how bad it is in Canada for free thinking people!

Here is the report I got today in my email for your education. It’s very interesting and we have to stay on our toes here in America if we cherish our right to free expression.  Will Ezra take this sitting down?

Syed Soharwardy wants a “hudna”

By Ezra Levant on February 12, 2008 7:39 PM

Today Syed Soharwardy told the Calgary Herald editorial board that he is withdrawing his human rights complaint against me that he filed two years ago when I published the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. (Seriously, if you haven’t done so, you’ve really got to look at his hand-scrawled complaint here. I know dyslexic ten-year-olds with ADD who are more coherent.)

If he’s really withdrawing the complaint, this is the first I’ve heard about it; and when I spoke with my lawyer this afternoon, the complaint was still proceeding against me.

It might be a lie — it wouldn’t be Soharwardy’s first, but then again, lying to an infidel newspaper isn’t immoral to someone like Soharwardy. It’s called taqqiyah.

But even if Soharwardy withdraws his complaint against me, an identical complaint filed by the Edmonton Muslim Council still proceeds.

So why would Soharwardy do this — and why now?

The answer lies in another Arabic word: hudna. A hudna isn’t a peace treaty. It’s a temporary truce called by a Muslim warrior who’s losing in battle. It’s pretty easy to understand how hudnas work by watching Israel fight Hamas and Hezbollah. Those two terrorist groups lob rockets and send suicide bombers into Israel for months; then, every once in a while, Israel deploys its military and flattens Hamas and Hezbollah, who then call for a hudna. The UN intervenes, saving Hamas and Hezbollah to fight another day. That’s a hudna: a tactical truce for a strategic advantage.

Soharwardy wants a hudna because he’s losing badly. Not financially: he hasn’t spent a penny to further the complaint against me — that has been done courtesy of Ed Stelmach’s government and the taxpayers of Alberta, to the tune of $500,000, I’d guess. Nor has Soharwardy had to spend hundreds of hours battling against me at the commission — Alberta government employees do that for him. It’s because over the past two years — and the past month in particular — Soharwardy has become known for what he is: an Islamofascist imam, who’s trying to bring Saudi values to Canada. Though I’m being pummelled in a kangaroo court, he’s being pummelled in the court of public opinion. He didn’t expect it, and he hates it.

He hates that hundreds of bloggers ridicule him. He hates that my video clips, in which I describe his illiberal nature, have been viewed almost 500,000 times. He hates that his own enemies within his mosque have taken advantage of this media coverage to shine a light of scrutiny on the way he runs his mosque – from his financial irregularities, to his abusive treatment of women. These documents here, here, here and here, first published on my blog, have been viewed thousands of times and led to a series of newspaper items in the Calgary Herald and even the Washington Times. Soharwardy is embarrassed — as well he should be. He is no longer polite company. Now he’s known as a censor, a fascist, a sexist. He’s un-Canadian. And if the complaint against me goes to a tribunal, he’ll go through this again on a larger scale.

But can someone abuse a government process like he has, for two years, and then simply walk away with impunity? I’ve spent the better part of $100,000 defending against this thug — but because he’s losing face, he thinks he can pretend he never did what he did.

Soharwardy claims that he’s seen the light and realized that he was misguided — that he should never have tried to censor me. Really? Last month he was cheering on commission’s interrogation of me; two weeks ago, he was sending me more legal threats. The only epiphany he’s had was that in the circus he started, he’s coming across as the clown — an angry, anti-Semitic clown who shouts down women at his own mosque.

I understand that Soharwardy has an Op-Ed in tomorrow’s Herald in which he effectively admits his complaint was motivated by Saudi-style censorship, not any Canadian belief in human rights. In other words, he admits what I’ve alleged all along: he was hijacking a secular “human rights” commission for his radical Islamo-fascist agenda. But now he wants us all to pretend he didn’t.

Well, back in the land of real laws and real rules of court, there’s a tort called “abuse of process“, and Soharwardy has just admitted to it.

For two years, this corrupt, radical imam has hunted me using the resources of the taxpayers of Alberta for the “thought crime” of publishing a cartoon he didn’t like. I had a preliminary discussion with my lawyer today. My aim is to file an abuse of process claim in the Court of Queen’s Bench within the month. Whether or not I sue the commission itself, and its inquisitor Shirlene McGovern, is something I haven’t discussed yet with my lawyers.

When the chief complainant in a two-year censorship exercise admits the whole thing was improper, an abuse of process suit is not just about recouping my losses. It’s about holding a little fascist, and the government agency he hijacked, to account, and having grown-ups — that is, real judges in real courts — tell them that what they’ve been doing is morally and legally wrong.


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Obama’s here in Puget Sound to spread hope and love everywhere. Recently he said, “Once I’m elected, I want to organize a summit in the Muslim world, with all the heads of state, to have an honest discussion about ways to bridge the gap that grows every day between Muslims and the West.”

** Insert Star Trek’s “red alert” siren here! ** This statement alone shows that Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t get it. Muslims everywhere know the score, and they know how to beat us. They will beat us if we follow Obama’s lead. Liberals everywhere think they know the score. Most don’t. Most are not even close.

The Muslim world wants Islam to rule, period. That IS their issue. With “true” Islam, there is no line between secular and sacred, or religion and politics. It is all the same; Islam is all. Liberals think they have an economic grievance, and that is why they go all “jihad” on us, because the West is the haves and they’re the have-nots. Well that is not true. The followers of Osama Bin Laden are well educated. They’re not kooks, they’re smart, clever, extremely devout Muslims. Bin Laden’s father was one of the wealthiest men in the Saudi kingdom; and the Mohammed Bin Laden “clan” (or “tribe”) is over 100,000 strong. There is a disproportionate amount of doctors, lawyers, and engineers in their ranks. Bin Laden’s lieutenant – currently in Iraq – Ayman al-Zawahiri is a surgeon! It’s not economic, although al-Jazeera cameras usually find the poorest areas to get the best shots.

So what other discussion could Obama have with “all the heads of state” in the Muslim world? The whole Palestine issue? That’s not it either, but Muslims will use as a ruse to get another step up on what they want. The oil rich Arab states could rescue the Palestinians in an instant, take them in as refugees, improve their standards of life, and be worldwide heroes. But Arab leaders from Saudi Arabia to Iran prefer to make sure the Palestinians stay poor. The more destitute they are, the more sympathetic we suckers in the West are, the more we give them what they want. Muslims (and not just radicals) consider the Jews to be squatters on Arab land. Never mind that Abraham (who the Koran recognizes as one of their respected ancestors) was on the land 4173 years ago, Moses (who the Koran also recognizes as one of their respected ancestors) inherited the land by God’s ordinance 3453 years ago, and Mohammed first trod his little angry feet on the earth on Saudi Arabian soil only 1420 years ago. There have always been Arab peoples living in the area that is now Israel, but since the time of Mohammed – get this Obama – they don’t want any deal that includes any Israel, and until Arabs own all of it, they will not relent. For them, the “Zionist Entity” is an filthy, disgusting embarrassment, and it cannot be allowed to exist.

Here at home, the only way any US president could appease the jihadists is to chuck the US constitution, and impose by force strict shariah law. Strict shariah law. Because if it’s not strict enough, Muslims eat their own! Anwar Sadat tried to walk the line, and institute a party system of government in mostly Muslim Egypt; His body was riddled with bullets by the Muslim Brotherhood for visiting Israel.

The real thrust of all of their grievances is that the world does not line up with Islam’s order. Because the world doesn’t line up, the estimated 200 million “radicals” out there must make it line up. This is the gap that Obama wants to “discuss” with all the heads of state. And make no mistake, for them there is no discussion; you’re either in the dar al-Islam (house of Islam) or dar al-Harb (house of war).

Any US President or Presidential candidate must understand this.

My bet is Muslims everywhere would love to sit down and talk with Obama. For a long long time too. It is part of their game plan, and adheres flawlessly with their idea of taquiyya (religious deception). They will do anything to stall off US actions that might stop their relentless pursuit of global Islamic domination. Remember, Hitler sat down at the bargaining table again and again, and I’m sure he laughed on his way out. He would have been proud of these “true Muslims.” When Iran gets a nuke, Hitler will snicker from hell as his dream of extinguishing the Jews finally comes true.

Yes, Obama is big on hope. He is bankrupt on comprehension.

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