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Geert Wilders – producer of the movie “Fitna” – has been locked up at Heathrow, denied entrance into Britain, and will soon be heading back home to the Netherlands. Now let me get this straight…


Islamic jihadists in the United Kingdom demand concessions all the time, stir up hatred, make threats, and act with violence – the last three are all against UK laws, but Netherlands politician Geert Wilders is being denied entrance to the UK because of a film he made that quotes their holy book: the qur’an. There are hundreds of verses in the qur’an that incite believers (Muslims) to violence against kuffars (non-Muslims). Yet when Geert points that out and invites viewers to watch a film and check out the logical actions of the most devout Muslims, Geert is the “hater.”



Read the qur’an. Allah’s the hater. And he hates you, kuffar. And the strictest followers of the “religion of peace” want you to convert, submit, or die. The Qur’an says it, Wilders’ movie shows it, but remember … murderous Islamic fundamentalists aren’t the hater; Wilders is. Right?


Fitna doesn’t inspire hatred.

The Qur’an inspires hatred.

Read it!





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