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Dear Mr. President,
I am against the closing of the Guantanamo Bay detention facility for the following reasons:
  • First, a couple days ago you swore to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States. The benefits enjoyed by that constitution (including “rule of law,” “Miranda rights,” “habeas corpus” and all of that) are for US citizens only. Foreign terrorists, who have sworn to destroy the United States are not afforded the same rights. Military tribunals are appropriate for these prisoners.
  • Second, Islamic radicals are driven by an unstoppable single minded goal of following Allah for the conversion, submission or death of infidels. They will use every means possible, every weapon possible, and exploit every weakness to the accomplishment of this goal. Some form of non-permanent coercion is necessary to elicit information that could protect millions of US citizens. And if information cannot be gleaned, then they need a place where they can hold these non-US enemy combatants indefinitely. Al-Qaeda and other radical Islamic groups were not finished after 9-11. Those plotting our destruction with WMD’s or other means cannot be released. Again, military detention facilities are appropriate for this.
  • Third, currently these dangerous prisoners are separated from freedom loving Americans by bars, Marines, guns, walls, barbed wire, and 100 miles of ocean. That will not be the case if you bring them over here for “trial.”
  • Fourth and lastly, closing Guantanamo Bay and treating Islamic terrorist prisoners “nice,” may play well for a few in the international community, but for the 200 million Islamic radicals out there who only understand raw power, they will see us as weak for closing Guantanamo, and they will be emboldened to exploit this weakness.
Please allow the Guantanamo Bay detention facility to perform it’s vital and unique function: protecting US citizens from terrorists.
May God guide you in your efforts as President of the United States.
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