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It does (all the time), and stop calling me, “Shirley.”

Here’s the story out of the UK, lifted form Jihad Watch.

In a nutshell, a Muslim was hired to be the catering manager for a police headquarters in west London. The normal part of the duty he was hired for required the cooking of bacon and pork sausages – which are unclean to Muslims. His supervisor suggested he wear gloves when he needed to handle these items, and he sues the force on the grounds he suffered “religious discrimination.”

Robert Spencer (of Jihad Watch).ads his comments:

“When Islamic law and Western customs conflict, in a Western country, which will have to give way? And what precedent will be set by the endless accommodation of Islamic rules and sensibilities? Either someone at some point will have the courage to call a halt and say that there will be no more accommodation of Islamic law at the expense of British custom and law, or the demands and accommodations will continue until the UK becomes a Sharia state.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Well, that’s in the U.K. Surely that doesn’t happen here.”

Recently a friend of mine went to the local Pappa Murphy’s in the White Center neighborhood of West Seattle. In front of him in line was about a 10 year old Muslim boy, who was claiming his family’s pizza. The boy requested that the pizza maker remove the plastic gloves he had been using, and get a fresh pair of gloves, because he had (likely) been handling pork products for the other customers.

The clerk complied.

This is small. No big whoop, right? C’mon Paul Revere, you’re being alarmist over nothing. If you think that, your assumptions are 100% incorrect. This is exactly the “Stealth Jihad” that is becoming less and less stealthy. I’m pumped about that. I’m hearing that term more and more, and in more mainstream threads, and that is a good thing. The subtle takeover of America is being done one plastic glove at a time. One denied Minneapolis cab ride at a time. One segregated US College swim time at a time. One propagandistic “religious discrimination” lawsuit at a time. And – just like the UK has already proven – they will do it, but only if we let them.

When you come to the USA, you should accept American values, not try to force businesses and communities to kowtow to your particular religious bent. Jews don’t “do” pork either, but I haven’t heard of any Jewish individuals demanding that restaurant workers change their gloves to comply with their “non pork” diet. I haven’t heard of any Jewish groups here in the US suing restaurant management because they might have to touch pork. Know what Jews in this country who have a conviction about pork do? They don’t work where they might have to touch pork. Not so with Muslims, they have an agenda to bend the US little by little until the US comes fully under the subjugation of (Islamic) sharia law.

In an excellent speech to the David Horowitz Freedom Center (view it here), Robert Spencer highlights the two features of all these very little concessions that are currently being granted daily. First, the Muslim Brotherhood (or one of their ancillary organizations) is almost always involved with it, and second, that “they all have the characteristic of reinforcing the principle that where Islamic law and American law conflict, it’s American law that has to give way.”

I’d be interested to hear if YOU have any local examples of your neighborhood becoming “sharia compliant.” If you have a story to share, send it here: TodaysPaulRevere@gmail.com .

Thousands of these seemingly tiny incremental steps will slowly kill us. Only if you let it.

Practical “street level” preventative steps here. 


Government action steps recommended by Geert Wilders here (scroll down ¾ through the article).

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