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by Tracy, No Compromise Media

America is beginning to see the introduction of halal certified food products and certified companies thus the need for this exposition.

Halal is arabic and translates to legal or permitted.  Haram translates to forbidden and mushbooh translates to unknown. Food has to be prepared a certain way to meet Sharia Law/ Halal standards.

Halal is not necessarily only a food item but it can also define an individual as well as an individual company.  sFor example,  a tomato is halal, but it may not be processed according to Sharia Law thus making it haram or mushbooh.

In order for a company, which is defined as farms, ranches, fisheries, and food processing plants,  to become Halal Certified,  another process has to take place, which we will discuss that later.

Don’t think that halal only applies to food.  It also applies to all non-food products such as lotions, hair sprays, make-up, etc.

However let’s just focus on food.  Halal foods are foods that have no pork,  blood, or alcohol  within the product.  If the food product is a meat then halal extends to how it is processed. The animal has to be alive at the time the animal is slaughtered.

This answers the question as to why Muslims want certification on fish and poultry products.

Sharia law demands that food processors add other components in order to get the Halal Certification of the product, or the company itself which includes the Halal Certification logo, see below

To get a certification, a company must:

  1. Have Halal employees who are involved in the production which “includes the person in charge, those who order the raw materials,  and those in charge of packaging.”  In other words, the company must hire halal compliant employees.  Does this mean the company can only hire koranic observant muslims or will employees of the company have to submit to Sharia compliant rules including conversion to Islam?
  2. Slaughter the animal according to Sharia Law.  This means that the animal is either hung up, or placed in a position so that the head is pointing towards Mecca, alive,  and then ONLY a muslim can take a sharp knife,  and slice its jugular vein allowing the beast to be drained of its blood while a muslim of “sound mind” screeches “allah akbar” over the animal.
  3. Once the animal has been drained of blood then the animal is processed in a plant free from pork, blood, or alcohol processing.

Not only do companies have to comply with the rules above but they will also have to change recipes they may have had for 100 years or more.  The Campbell’s Soup Company, which was established in 1922, or the Cocoa Cola Company which became incorporated in 1892 will have to strip itself of the way they do business. Companies seeking halal standards will have to have an entire wing just to deal with halal standards i.e. hiring, building of plants, food processing, etc.   This begs the question: Will these companies have to submit to Sharia compliant financing as well including giving zakat?

Currently, if an observant muslim wants to know if a food product is halal they can go to one of two websites,

  1. the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America’s website, or
  2. the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), logo below.

The customer can scan the 100s of products listed for halal status and or certification. ISNA IS working towards advancing its cause of certifying as many Canadian and American companies as possible.

One argument they use is:

Islam is the fastest growing religion, and the American muslim population is growing,  thus,  don’t you want to get involved with this yearly 170 billion dollar market?  Sure you do! Here’s how to do it!

What they don’t tell you at the time of the company’s multicultural submission is that the companies have to build set part plants and hire only muslims.

The companies named above are going Halal in European markets including Canada.  McDonald’s Company just announced that its British stores are selling halal products.  When this writer wrote to the American McDonald’s Company announcing her boycott of all future McDonald’s sales, the representative stated

McDonald’s USA has no connection to the European menu selections.

A closer examination of her assertion states otherwise as the stock isn’t segregated by national markets and that it is still ALL one global company, so make sure when you write to any of these companies be aware of this future talking point.

In conclusion, what starts in Europe soon becomes advanced on the North American continent and I for one don’t want to spend my money on products that comply with a regressive political ideology that wants to do to me, and what was done to Nick Berg,  in the same manner that they slaughter their meat.

Source:  http://muslimbusinessusa.com/muslim_companies_america.php

Source:  http://www.ifanca.org/index.php

Look for the Halal Label!

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And we just keep letting them do it…

On the GLOBAL front:

Iranian Minister: Israel’s Destruction Is Foretold in the Koran…

We just simply MUST allow these people to have nuclear material for peaceful purposes.

United Kingdom: Islamic Hate Preacher Gets Court Victory

Because we mustn’t judge now, right?

Fox guarding henhouse: Pakistan becomes chair of IAEA board (via JihadWatch)

Pakistan – a “radical” Islamic country that just happens to have nuclear weapons – will now be the head of the UN agency that oversees nukes around the world.

Insult on Islam: Government will Not Keep Quiet

From our “Stop Saying Islam is Violent or We’ll Kill You” or “Speak Up And be Killed” file (Malasia):

Muslims Attack Christian Church in Pakistan: Burn Bibles

… this is retaliation for the Florida Qur’an’s that DIDN’T get burned, but of course, no one around the world has to fear the retaliation of Christians, because Christianity really IS a religion of peace…

And …. On the LOCAL front (sort of):

Radical Islam gets the better of free speech (right here in the US)

A Minneapolis / St. Paul writer wonders why no one in the press is coming to the defense of a Seattle cartoonist when she has to go into hiding because her life is threatened by members of the “the religion of peace.

What can you do? Stand up against ANY form of Sharia law in our land. Insist that your representatives take a REAL stand on national security (including restrictions of Muslim immigration), and tell everyone you know the truth: www.HaltTerrorism.com is a great place to start.

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PR sez: Miranda righs are for american CITIZENS, not for enemies on the battlefield (including those non-citizens that may be potting mass destruction here on our own soil). This blast of common sense – even with this apologetic administration – is refreshing!

This bit is from the ACT emails I receive. You can click the link below to receive them yourself!


Another Victory in Congress!!

Senate Votes to Prohibit Reading Miranda

Rights to Terrorists Captured in Afghanistan.

by Guy Rodgers, Executive Director


Every victory we win in the struggle against radical Islam brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal of protecting America’s security and freedoms from this evil threat.

On June 11th we emailed you the Weekly Standard article that reported the following disturbing news:

“…the Obama Justice Department has quietly ordered FBI agents to read Miranda rights to high value detainees captured and held at U.S. detention facilities in Afghanistan, according a senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee.”

News reports like this one, along with our email alert to over 60,000 ACT! for America members, raised the profile of this issue significantly. We wrote some Members of Congress about it, and we got the attention of some of them.

Less than four weeks after we sent you this email report, during a Senate Committee on Armed Services hearing, Senator Jeff Sessions introduced Senate Amendment #1661. According to a response letter we received on August 4th from another Senator, Amendment 1661 “would prevent Miranda rights from being provided to suspected Al Qaeda terrorists who are detained by members of the U.S. military or intelligence community.”

The amendment was approved by voice vote and included in the overall Defense Authorization bill, which then passed the Senate 87 to 7. We are optimistic this amendment will be retained in the final House-Senate version of the bill, and then become law.

Most people aren’t aware of this significant congressional action. It wasn’t on the front page of newspapers around the country. But who knows how many acts of terror will be thwarted in the future due to intelligence obtained from captured terrorists who are not read Miranda rights?

  • Most Americans do not know they are protected from lawsuits being filed against them when they report suspicious activity.
  • Most Americans don’t know authors in New York writing about terrorism and radical Islam are protected from intimidation lawsuits filed against them in other countries.
  • And, should this latest Senate action become law, most Americans won’t know that future terrorist acts will be thwarted thanks to intelligence gathering that is not shackled by the absurdity of reading Miranda rights to captured enemy combatants.

ACT! for America and its “sister” organization American Congress for Truth played a role in each of these important victories.

Our voices – and our votes – matter!!

This is our mission, to roll back the threat of radical Islam, in whatever form it takes. The more members and chapters we have, the stronger our voice. The stronger our voice, the more victories we will win.

Do you know ONE person who isn’t receiving our email alerts, who isn’t aware of the severity of the threat and what ACT! for America is doing to combat it?

If so, would you forward this email to that person today and ask that person to sign up for our email alerts? All they have to do is log on to www.actforamerica.org and click on the tab at the upper right that says “Sign Up.”

This simple action will make our voice stronger and help make America safer for us, our children and our grandchildren.

Yours for the America we love,

Guy Rodgers

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by Brigitte Gabriel


Dear Mr. President,

You face difficult challenges in matters such as achieving peace in the Middle East and protecting America from the threat of radical Islam and terrorism. These are challenges that have vexed past presidents, going as far back as our second president, John Adams. I have no doubt you appreciate both the gravity of these challenges and the enormous obstacles that exist to solving them.

I also have no doubt that you and your staff understood that, no matter what you said in your speech last Thursday in Cairo, there would be those who would take issue with you. That is always the case when attempting to solve problems that are as deep and emotionally-laden as these challenges are.

I am assuming it is your sincere hope that the approach you have chosen to take, as evidenced by what I’m sure was a carefully crafted speech, will ultimately prove successful. However, it pains me to say this sir, but, while you said in your speech that you are a “student of history,” it is abundantly clear that, in these matters, you do not know history and thus, as Santayana noted, you are doomed to repeat it. In doing so your efforts, however well-intentioned they may be, will not produce what you profess to hope they will produce.

A wise man once said that if you start with the wrong assumptions, no matter how logical your reasoning is, you will end up with the wrong conclusion. With all due respect Mr. President, you are starting with certain assumptions that are unsupported by history and an objective study of the ideology of political Islam.

You began in your speech by asserting that “tensions” exist between the United States and Muslims around the world, which, of course, is correct. Unfortunately, you then proceeded, incorrectly, to lay virtually all the blame for these tensions at the feet of America and the West. You blamed western colonialism, the Cold War, and even modernity and globalism.

A student of American history, who is not trying to reconstruct it to fit a modern politically correct narrative, would state that tensions between America and Muslims began with the unprovoked, four-decades long assault by the Muslim Barbary pirates against American shipping in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. I find it telling that you mentioned the Treaty of Tripoli in your speech but ignored the circumstances that led to it. That treaty was but one of numerous attempts by the United States to achieve peace with the jihadists of the Barbary Coast who were attacking our shipping and killing and enslaving our citizens and our soldiers – and who by their own admission were doing so to fulfill the call to jihad.

These jihadists were not acting to protest American foreign policy, which was decidedly isolationist, and there was no state of Israel to scapegoat. They were doing what countless Islamic jihadists have done throughout history – acting upon the hundreds of passages in the Qur’an and the Hadith that call upon faithful Muslims to kill, conquer or subjugate the infidel.

A student of world history would know that, for all the acknowledged evils of Western colonialism, these evils pale in comparison to the nearly 14 centuries of Islamic colonialism that began in Arabia under the leadership of Mohammed. The student of history would know that Islamic forces eradicated all Jewish and Christian presence from Arabia after Mohammed’s death, and then succeeded in conquering all of North Africa, most of the Middle East, much of Asia Minor, and significant portions of Europe and India – eventually creating an empire larger than Rome’s was at its peak.

The number of dead and enslaved during these many centuries of Islamic imperial conquest and colonialism have been estimated to total more than 300 million. What’s more, the wealth of many of the conquered nations and cultures was plundered by the Islamic conquerors, and millions of millions of non-Muslims who did survive were forced to pay onerous taxes, such as the “jizya,” a humiliation tax to the Islamic caliphs. Indeed, in some areas Christians and Jews were made to wear a receipt for the jizya around their neck as a mark of their dishonor.

These facts have not been invented by Christian or Jewish historical revisionists, but were chronicled by Muslim eyewitnesses throughout the past 14 centuries and are available to be researched by any person seeking an objective understanding of how Islam spread throughout the world.

You say in your speech that we must squarely face the tensions that exist between America and the Muslim world. That is a laudable notion with which I agree, but by casting Islam as the historical victim and the West (and by implication, America) as the aggressor, you do not face these tensions squarely, but alleviate the Muslim world from coming to grips with the jihadist ideology embedded in its holy books and acted upon for 1,400 years.

Even worse, you empower and embolden militant Islamists who regard your gestures as signs of weakness and capitulation.

The issue is not that all Muslims are terrorists or radicals or extremists. We all know that the majority of Muslims are not. We also know that many peace-loving Muslims are victims of Islamist violence.

The issue is this: what drives hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide to call for the death of Jews?

What drives millions of Muslims to riot, destroy property, and take innocent lives in reaction to the Danish cartoons?

What drives tens of thousands of Muslims to demand the execution of a British teacher whose only “crime” was allowing her students to name their teddy bears “Mohammed”?

What drives countless Muslims worldwide to actively participate in, or fund, or provide nurture to, terrorist organizations?

What drives Muslims in mosques in America to proclaim and distribute materials that call for hatred of and the destruction of infidels?

What drives entire Islamic countries to prohibit the building of a Christian church or synagogue?

To assume, as you apparently do, that what drives these actions is not an ideology embedded in the holy books of Islam, but rather other “root causes,” most of which you lay at the feet of America and the West, is at best naïve and at worst dangerous.

Lastly, I must address your statement that “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” Unfortunately, the examples you gave are the exception rather than the rule.

Historically speaking, I seriously doubt the Egyptian Copts, the Lebanese Maronites, the Christians in Bethlehem, the Assyrians, the Hindus, the Jews, and many others who have been persecuted by Islamic violence and supremacism, would agree with your assertion.

For instance, Christians and Jews became “Dhimmis,” a second class group under Islam. Dhimmis were forced to wear distinctive clothing; it was Baghdad’s Caliph Al-Mutawakkil, in the ninth century, who designated a yellow badge for Jews under Islam, which Hitler copied and duplicated in Nazi Germany nearly a thousand years later.

I witnessed first-hand the “tolerance” of Islam when Islamists ravaged my country of birth, Lebanon, in the 1970’s, leaving widespread death and destruction in their wake. I saw how they re-paid the tolerance that Lebanese Christians extended toward them. My experience is not an isolated one. When you make an unfounded assertion about the “proud tradition” of tolerance in Islam, you do a great disservice to the hundreds of millions of non-Muslims who have been killed, maimed, enslaved, conquered, subjugated or displaced – in the cause of Islamic jihad.

Mr. President, those of us like me who are ringing the alarm in America about the threat of radical Islam would like nothing better than to peacefully co-exist with the Muslim world. Most Americans would like nothing better than to peacefully co-exist with the Muslim world. The obstacle to achieving this does not lie with us in America and the West. It lies with the hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide, including many of their spiritual leaders, who take seriously the repeated calls to jihad in the Qur’an and the Hadith. Who regard “infidels” as inferior and worthy of conquering, subjugating and forcibly converting. Who support “cultural jihad” as a means to subvert non-Muslim societies from within. Who take seriously the admonitions throughout the Qur’an and the Hadith to convert the world to Islam – by force if necessary – and bring it under the rule of Allah.

Unless you are willing to courageously and honestly accept this, your aspirations for worldwide comity and peace in the Middle East are doomed to fail.

Brigitte Gabriel

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The single biggest threat to the planet today is Islam. It didn’t used to be that way. Before the discovery of oil in Muslim countries, it was difficult for them to carry jihad more than locally. Today, they have the means to export it anywhere in the world, and if we let them, soon they will be able to deliver a blow that takes out several million at one time. They’ve said they want it, they’ve said nothing will stop them, and they’ve said they will use it when they get it. Are we going to take them at their word? Yet even now, the burning disdain for the West must be at least only 50/50, because they gotta love the power that oil dollars give them to attempt world wide submission of everyone to the will of Allah.


That is the goal, you know. And that is the single biggest foreign policy fact any US presidential candidate needs to know. One of our candidates knows it and calls it like it is. The other isn’t quite sure, or doesn’t really care. The candidate that has received millions in “individual contributions” via Saudi Arabia is the one who’s not sure.


Barack Obama is set to give away the farm, and guess what? You’re the cow. Ready for slaughter?


In his own words he describes how he will dismantle US protections,


  • “I’m the only major candidate that opposed this war from the beginning, and as president, I will end it” Okay, we all don’t like war. But how does Obama plan to change the mind of Islamic power mongers like Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, who is absolutely convinced it is his religions duty to accelerate World War III to hasten the coming of the “12th Imam?” How do you convince people like that – especially when Iran goes nuclear – to not use the weapons that Allah has given them against the Jews (Israel), Christians (US) and all kaffurs (unbelievers) everywhere? The short answer is, “you wont.” And Osama Bin Laden isn’t done yet either. Yes, we’ve lost thousands. But if we don’t show some resolve, we’re going to lose millions. That is what it took in WWII – 47 million civilian deaths – before we put our foot down and said, “enough.” And Hitler didn’t have nukes. I fear we don’t have what it takes in this “not-so-greatest-generation” to recognize evil and do something about it. We may have to lose a couple major cities before we say, “enough.” Obama doesn’t have the big picture. If he is elected, history may repeat itself. I hope our next president has the vision to see the holocaust on the horizon, and head it off before it gets here.
  • “Will cut expenses on unproven missile defense systems” “I will not weaponize space.” “I will slow our development of future combat systems.” China has already started to weaponize space. With the way they are on the fast track to “world superpower” status, do you think for a second they will hesitate to overrun struggling Russia? Or use it against us if we try to stop them? China desperately needs resources to accommodate their growth and a place to put all their people. Russia has gobs of space and a heavily declining populace, which already doesn’t have enough manpower to even keep track of all their Cold War era arsenals. Soon they will be defenseless by attrition. Not to mention the fact that Russia’s president has been issuing Cold War rhetoric that we have not seen in 20 years. He has indicated that the nuclear option is on the table to control Georgia and other former states. He may feel he has something to prove unless Russia is going to be relegated to the scrap heap of history. Do you think the poor and relatively defenseless people of Georgia want the US president to cut expenses and pull missiles out of Eurabia?  “…to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States” is the oath the president takes. Obama’s stance – slowing development of future combat systems – shows an unwillingness to do the presidential job.
  • “I will set a goal of a world without nuclear weapons” “I will not develop new nuclear weapons, I will seek a global goal on the production of fissile material, and I will negotiate with Russia to take our ICBM’s off hair-trigger alert and to achieve deep cuts in our nuclear arsenals.” You can’t re-cork the nuclear genie. He’s out. And everyone wants him. A desperate Russia has sold off lots of them, and may still use them. Iran and Al-Qeada would love to rub the genie’s lamp to rub out millions of kaffurs (dirty, filthy, unbelievers) and glorify Allah by securing infidel deaths. The only ones on the planet who can be trusted with nukes are a biblically moral people (who value life) who do not indiscriminately run around threatening to annihilate their neighbors. Several Islamic leaders have loudly and publicly made these threats, and do it, repeatedly. Ya gotta hand it to them for consistency; we know for sure what they stand for (if anyone cares to really listen to them). Yes “the bomb” killed tens of thousands in Japan in WWII, and perhaps some people just think the size of that bomb made that act evil. Two things: First Japan’s Emperor Hirohito killed hundreds of thousands, and was on his way to killing hundreds of thousands more; aspirations that I’m sure make Ahmadinejad and Bin Laden salivate, (or is that “foam at the mouth?”) Anyway, we saved the lives of Hirohito’s future victims by bombing when we did. AND second, we would have bombed the snot out of Japan with conventional weapons anyway (for weeks, and perhaps months more) until they gave up; “the bomb” just hastened the end, which really, could have saved Japanese lives. It should also be noted that Japan’s part in WWII was a religiously driven war; Japan practiced emperor worship at the time, and the emperor was considered god, and not one had better disobey “god.” And now, one had better not disobey Allah (see the quote below). Only a biblically moral people – who value life – can calculate the plusses of bombing verses the advancement of uncontrolled, unbelievably savage evil.


And that IS what we’re dealing with. I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again: I think there are moderate Muslims, but there is no moderate Islam. The closer you get to the Qur’an, Allah, and Mohammed, the more intent you get on following Mohammed’s dictates, and snuffing out all that is not Islam (“submission”). That is mandated in the Qur’an. If you’re following the Islamic holy book, you have only one choice. If you turn your back on your duty, you are worse than and infidel.


“Believers, what is the matter with you, that when you are asked to march forth in the Cause of Allah (i.e., Jihad) you cling to the earth? Do you prefer the life of this world to the Hereafter? Unless you march, He will afflict and punish you with a painful torture, and put others in your place.”  (Qur’an 9:38)


There is no “live and let live” for the truly devoted Muslim. Indeed that is what most of the Muslim-on-Muslim attacks are about; the other Muslim isn’t Muslim enough. Or he’s the wrong kind of Muslim. Ahmadinejad doesn’t give two shakes of a pig’s tail about “innocents.” In his mind there are no innocents; in the case of nuclear blast, all the believers will join Allah in paradise, and all infidels will get their just reward burning in the fires of hell. And the thought of that makes him smile.


This is what we’re dealing with!


Osama Bin Laden once said,

“Moderate Islam is prostration to the West”


“Battle, animosity, and hatred — directed from the Muslim to the infidel — is the foundation of our religion”

This is what we’re dealing with!


And they don’t care about global warming either; Every nuke on an American or European city is cause for a weenie roast (pork-free, of course).


We don’t need a sharply polished celebrity president who brazenly (and foolishly) touts that they will be the leader in disarmament to be a good example to the world. The world just isn’t that friendly, and any candidate that thinks so must be stopped. For better or worse, the world depends on us to keep evil at bay. Not to conquer – because we could have conquered Iraq a long time ago – but to allow good to succeed.


Islamic terrorists worldwide are pulling for Obama. There’s a reason for that. Please join me in supporting the candidate that terrorists aren’t supporting.



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