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This video may be a “keeper.”

It is definately a “sharer,” especially for people unfamiliar with what we’re up against. It’s extremely good for anyone you know that needs an overview of the jihad in America.  It is current, poignant, and delivered in that trademark calm confident fashion Spencer is known for.

Link:  http://www.jihadwatch.org/archives/027163.php

It runs off the Young America Foundation’s (www.YAF.org) own video sreamer, so I cant embed it here. But it is definately worth the look. Only about 25 minutes long too.

Again, one of the best concise overviews I have EVER seen, short of Fitna, or “Islam, What the West Needs To Know.”

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Sometimes I get slightly discouraged about the ability of the “anti-jihad” message to get any traction amongst Americans. Although I agree that “the economy” is probably the number one issue (for now), I still believe that the coordinated jihad by Islamic fundamentalists against all things Western is a strong second.

But I heard someone say that the Revolutionary War – which gained independence from the tyranny of the British monarch – was won with only ten percent of the colonists participating. Yes, it was only ten percent of Americans that fought the British – and won.  I think that is probably still true today; if ten percent of the U.S. populace were unified in standing up against the creeping Islamic tyranny that desires the downfall of the United States, then we would have victory.

That is why the following quotes from Petition Online: Defining the Jihadist Enemy are so encouraging. There are over a thousand signatures. Read, enjoy, and be encouraged by these fellow freedom lovers, and then sign the petition yourself to help our congresspeople specifically name the enemy that wants to destroy us.


·         … protect this nation and her citizens. ISLAMIC terrorists ARE OUR ENEMY. To say any less is to show our enemies that we are willing to submit. Don’t hamstring those of us that ARE willing to fight for our freedoms.

·         It’s a Jihad! Stupid (PR’s favorite)

·         Lost two neighbors 9/11 to this ‘enemy you are too cowardly to name

·         It is the height of idiocy to assume that we can defeat an enemy without saying the enemy’s name, or his association to the ideology that drives him.

·         Islam is Enemy of Freedom. Jihad is a process to destroy our freedom. You canot take Jihad out of Islam to make it clean. Jihad and Islam are tightly connected.

·         If we can’t name the enemy we can’t fight it.

·         We have met the enemy and he is us. (PR sez: not everyone, thank God)

·         Put the Islam back in Islamic terrorism….

·         We will not submit

·         a terrorist by any other name is still a terrorist

·         Who is our enemy again? Are we fighting secular terrorists? Are we fighting rogue Hindu, Christian and Jewish warriors? Or is it that we are fighting Muslims devout in the belief that jihad is their religious duty. Oh…my mistake, you mean there is no religious element to this War on “Terror”. What the heck was I thinking?

·         Islam is the greatest evil in the history of the world.

·         It is a jihad, and they are Islamic. Therefore, “Islamic Jihadists” is accurate.

·         I have to take off my shoes at the airport because of Muslim terrorists. Quit trying to white wash Islam.

·         If it is a pig, call it a pig (PR sez: most are  not afraid to eat pork either).

·         Iran (muslims) Syria (muslims) Palestinians (muslims) Hamas (muslims) Hezbolla (muslims) Al-Quaeda (muslims) CAIR (muslims) 11’000 plus terror attacks since 9-11(muslims) did that clear it up any? (PR sez: we’re actually approaching 13,000 deaths at the hand of Islamic fundamentalists in 8 years. Is this really an anomaly from a “tiny minority?” Get real!)

·         1984 NewSpeak

·         We cannot defeat an enemy we are not allowed to speak the TRUTH about.

·         … it has been the very agents of terror themselves who have self identified as Muslim and quoted Islamic sources. They have self-labelled as Jihadis. The least we can do is to acknowledge their own chosen name.

·         Thank you congressmen, for making it easier for Muslims to kill Americans. (PR sez: sarcasm, I hope)

·         Please continue to use the proper term: “Jihad”; don’t hide your heads in the sand.




Okay, one last one from PR’s mom, who responded back to me about Fitna producer Geert Wilders’ rejection at Heathrow Airport, and the cowering of British leaders under one Islamic Lord’s threats, and how when Wilders quotes the violent, hateful verses in the Qur’an and shows what the strictest adherents to Islam do with the Qur’an’s inspiration … he is labled the “hater.” Okay, here’s the “mom” quote:

·         Those who kiss the ass of extremists will be living under their rule in time.

Gotta love mom! (Thanks).


Remember sign the petition yourself to help our representatives specifically name the enemy that wants to destroy us.


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Geert Wilders – producer of the movie “Fitna” – has been locked up at Heathrow, denied entrance into Britain, and will soon be heading back home to the Netherlands. Now let me get this straight…


Islamic jihadists in the United Kingdom demand concessions all the time, stir up hatred, make threats, and act with violence – the last three are all against UK laws, but Netherlands politician Geert Wilders is being denied entrance to the UK because of a film he made that quotes their holy book: the qur’an. There are hundreds of verses in the qur’an that incite believers (Muslims) to violence against kuffars (non-Muslims). Yet when Geert points that out and invites viewers to watch a film and check out the logical actions of the most devout Muslims, Geert is the “hater.”



Read the qur’an. Allah’s the hater. And he hates you, kuffar. And the strictest followers of the “religion of peace” want you to convert, submit, or die. The Qur’an says it, Wilders’ movie shows it, but remember … murderous Islamic fundamentalists aren’t the hater; Wilders is. Right?


Fitna doesn’t inspire hatred.

The Qur’an inspires hatred.

Read it!




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Useless News & World Distort had an article on how ecumenical an evangelical Christian can be. Author Dan Gilgoff suggested that Rick Warren crossed all the lines and offered the worldwide audience a big hug. The “Lords Prayer” pleased all the Christians. The Shema (“Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God. The Lord is One”) pleased the Jews. The phrase “you are the compassionate and merciful one” resonated with Muslims, since nearly all of the chapters (surahs) in the Qur’an start with that phrase, stating those attributes are germane to Allah.


Gilgoff interviewed Jonathan Brown, assistant professor of Arabic and Islamic studies at the University of Washington, who said,  “It’s this intense compassion and mercy you can’t find in a human being.”


Obviously, because the human beings who follow Allah (and Allah’s orders) are busy strapping bombs on themselves, praising their children for doing the same selfless act for Allah, and indiscriminately launching rockets at Jews. They’re blowing up trains, planes and automobiles with reckless abandon. And they don’t care who catches the shrapnel. Good Muslims go to heaven, kuffars get their “right place” in hell, and the increase of violence hastens the return if Islam’s “third Imam,” and ushers in the age of total worldwide Islamic domination.


Here’s Fitna. Since producer Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for making it. You might as well watch it while you can, before Islamists silence it.


Watch Fitna here.


Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer says, “This film is accurate. Will Muslims rage against the truth?” Well, they already have!


So, how come the most devout followers of Islam don’t have the same compassion and mercy that is supposedly espoused in the Qur’an?


That’s easy: Compassion and mercy are only for Muslims, silly!  In the “religion of peace“Peace” is only for Muslims! (Which isn’t really true either, because one Muslim fundamentalist hobby is killing Muslims who aren’t Muslim enough). So even the moderate – pretty much non-violent – Muslims (MINO’s) who are not avidly following the writings of Mohammed can’t catch a break.


So, either way … don’t feel the love.




This article was originally seen from the Washington State office of CAIR.  Homepage here.



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Wow, that says it all.


Pat Condell responds to the prosecution of Fitna producer and Dutch Parliament member Geert Wilders.



The most devout Muslims quote the Qur’an or shout “Allahu Akbar” as they kill unbelievers everywhere. More than 12,000 times worldwide since 9-11.  We need to be free – here in the United States  – to point out hate speech when we see it: as recorded hundreds of times in the Qur’an. And then we need to unabashedly say, “we will not tolerate one ounce of this poisonous ideology in America.”


Support Wilders here.

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