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It’s extremely troubling.

It is already illegal.

And it might ensure an Obamanation.


There was a fake article thrown out on the internet, purportedly by Maureen Dowd and purportedly to be culled from the editorial pages of the New York Times. That article was false. You can read about that here. But the nightmare of Obama’s foreign (translation: Islamic) funding appears to be coming true.


NewsMax broke the story that’s been actually brewing for months. Blogger Pamela Gellar banged the gong early on, and I guess she’s hit it a few times. NewsMax cites some more official sources.


I thought the two brothers from Palestine were particularly slick. They figured if they used the Obama store to purchase T-shirts (and then contribute not-quite-$200 over the cost of each individual shirt) they could have a 165 “B”-shirts to pass out to all their West-hating friends, and still have a $33,000 say in the United States election, and perhaps a terrorist sympathizer in the White House. (Remember, Obama said, terror groups have “legitimate claims”). For jihadists everywhere: how cool is that?


It is extremely troubling to think that our sworn enemies are helping to pick the next president. And not one jihadist is pulling for McCain. Ahh you gotta love the internet. Prior to “online donations,” this really would have been hard to pull off with checks and stamps. But internet anonymity is the back door for jihadists to slip the American public a mickey. And the Obama campaign is drinkin’ from that well like there’s no tomorrow.


There may be no tomorrow. Obama has currently out-fundraised McCain by nearly 2 to 1 now (via worldwide internet contributions). This is not “outrageous grassroots support.” It only makes sense that hundreds of millions of dollars are coming from oil rich countries to put Barack Obama in the white house. He is an appeaser, and he is likely to do what they want. Barack calls it “talking with them,” and they call it “hudna” (temporary peace, while we gear up to smite thee mightily in the name of Allah). Seems we are once again financing jihad against ourselves.


Do we really want terrorist supporters determining who governs the United States of America?


That is what it comes down to. With finances the way they are right now, there is no way Obama’s phat pile of cash is coming from inside the US. It is not a groundswell of citizens’ support (polls don’t support a 2 to 1 victory for Obama). It’s not coincidence or an accident; it is the intentional attempt by international groups that are violently hostile toward America to influence our government, and it must be stopped.


The internet works in amazing ways in the other direction too. Express your outrage. Call your legislators: the capitol switchboard is 1-202-224-3121; ask for your rep by name. Find individual email addresses and phone numbers here. Demand that the Obama campaign name names for all these “individual” contributors that seemingly share the same credit cards. And if it’s not from the US, it’s campaign finance fraud.


Terrorists are wholeheartedly supporting one guy.

There’s a reason for that.

Vote for the other guy.




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